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Ana Maria Edulescu

4 Years Ago

A Father's Love For His Son.....

I have no words for this ...... when human beings can reach divine love, only thing I can do is to admire..... I have tears in my eyes, no words......

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Anthony Wilkening

4 Years Ago

Very Touching and Emotional to me as well. when someone goes to such lengths to bring even a smile or to help someone in need it is a beautiful thing. A little off subject but I have come across many people in need in my travels mostly homeless, and most people just ignore or are so use to it they pass by and think nothing of it, but even when i was asked for money and didnt have any i would try to at least bring a smile to there faces and give encourgement. there are so many more things we as people can do to help and change the lives of others. i watched a story just yesterday about a man that was head security at the twin towers on 9 11 and he saved more than 2700 people and continued to save people until his own life was taken in the colapse. Not many people think of others before themselves, i still regret the day i was driving and late for work when i saw an old man fall on main st. i just thought at the time owe someone will help him but maybe no one did. if i could do it again i would lose my job just to help that man in need. We as people should do more to help those that need help, start a charity, help the homeless, listen to people that need a listening ear, watch out for others on the streets, and help someone even if it your in a hurry. Love the post it has inspired me to start thinking of what more i can do for others. thank you Ana



4 Years Ago

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings after you saw this video, Anthony. I was also deeply touched by the story and that's why I want to share it. Thanks again.


Anthony Wilkening

4 Years Ago

Here is a video i found that explains the story of rick and dick hoyt a little more.


Jolanta Anna Karolska

4 Years Ago

Thank you for sharing Ana...I am in tears...


Ann Powell

4 Years Ago

thanks for sharing this, I came across this awhile back. It is impossible to watch without tears and I worked for many years with people with disabilities everyday ,some of them very severe, and it still made me tear up.....


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