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Larry Darnell

4 Years Ago

A Warning For Mature Plugged-in Adults Only - Not Necessarily Art Related

One in five people reach for their phone as a 21st Century replacement for the post-coital cigarette, according to a recent report from mobile security company LookOut.

It begs the question how this information was gathered. Perhaps the people surveyed were paid to respond via phone.

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Daniel Rauch

4 Years Ago

not sure what to think about that just yet lol


Norm Holmberg

4 Years Ago

So presumably thumb joint replacements will become a major drag on the healthcare system. On the upside, lung cancer should decrease substantially.

As far as the survey, maybe LookOut is living up to it's name.

BTW, it's a great little free app. It provides some online security and allows you to locate your phone if it's stolen or misplaced.


Hey Facebook friends ... Guess what I just did!

Ohhhh dearrrrrrr


Dan Turner

4 Years Ago

Well, at some point you need to click off the video. After is the best time.


Pamela Patch

4 Years Ago

Life here on the peninsula is very, very isolated, we cant get cell service much, whats post-coital ? :-)


Ernie Echols

4 Years Ago

Beth you Didn't !!!


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

Post coital means that which occurs after coitus. It has to do with the one activity which is evidently somewhat more satisfying than internet browsing/chatting/texting and other forms of verbal intercourse.


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