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Penny Hunt

4 Years Ago

My Contact Info, Specifically The Email Address

Genuine newbie here. I tried searching, honest...

I discovered if you select the 'contact artist' my address and email show. So I changed the email to another address, not a good plan. It is linked and would not let me sign back in with the new email. Fortunately I had a window open with my FAA website still signed in, I could edit from there back to the original email.

So, can I just show no email under the contact artist (they can only communicate throught the FAA mail)? I really don't want my main email mixed and on view, I use that with everything on my personal side. Do I need to change my paypal email? (Really don't want to do this? Have to change ebay, etsy, etc) I was going to use another email for a different website I already had. But I could use several others (AOL, gmail, etc)?

Sorry this is so long, and thanks for any help.

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Penny Hunt

4 Years Ago

Just discovered my paypal is an old AOL account, so my question narrowed down is how do I put a different email on my FAA account.

I would experiment except afraid I would completely lock myself out. Thanks again for any help.


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

Anyone who clicks the contact button can't see your email address... only you can.
Click my name and then contact, or log out and then try to contact yourself. You'll see.


Anyone who goes to contact, if a member, would find their own email there for ease and quickness.

You see yours because you are you. I see mine because, well, I am me. I do not see yours, nor would I see Heather's

You do not have to change an email address.

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Penny Hunt

4 Years Ago

Thank you both, and you both have wonderfull FAA sites! I am still getting mine set up and have a lot of work to do!


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