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Karen Wiles

4 Years Ago

Slideshow With Music

Does anyone know if there is capability with the FAA site to do slideshows that are set to music?
Is there anyway to post this type of thing with a link on our personal FAA websites? Thanks, Karen Wiles

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Joy McKenzie

4 Years Ago

This is just a guess, Karen...but I don't think FAA wants music on this site, in any capacity. And personally, I really do not like landing on a webpage and suddenly music blasts out, unexpectedly. It's fine on YouTube because you're expecting it. In fact, YouTube is where I have my kaleidoscope videos set to original music (friends who have given me permission to use their music). That might be a good idea for you...and just put a link in your FAA bio area to your YouTube channel.

I saw that your post had no replies, so I thought I'd give ya my 2 cents :) I would like to see what Beth or Sean has to say.


Jean Noren

4 Years Ago

I agree about the music. sometimes I am sneaking a peak of someones photos at work and dont want music to blast out and give me away.


Joy McKenzie

4 Years Ago

Just one other detail, order to have music on any website, you would have to have usage rights and licensing so that FAA, as the host and 'broadcaster' of your slideshow, would not get in trouble and potentially sued. I really don't think they want to go there. It's enough to try to keep the art under control.


no the slideshows are not available with music.

Windows has a movie maker and there are free music sites on the web.


both have movie makers you can embed

when asked if you should auto play, always say no


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