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Amy Weiss

4 Years Ago

Photographers Using Nik Software...

Google has now purchased Nik Software, and from what I've read, they are primarily interested in Snapseed. Good or bad thing? I'm not too keen on the idea. :( I'm hoping they don't lose sight of the primary camera software in their quest for mobile glory. I'm a user and a fan, and I'd hate to see it diminished or disappear altogether. Facebook owns Instagram, and now Google has Snapseed. What's next?

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Joann Vitali

4 Years Ago

I use Nik Efex for some of my work....don't think I would ever use it on my phone as I'm not a a fan of phone photography. I think the stuff people are producing with instagram is pretty crappy.

some of it is amazing :)


Sharon Norman

4 Years Ago

I just downloaded several trial versions of Nik tonight and I must say I'm very impressed, especially with Silver Efex Pro 2. I must have it!! From looking at their website, I don't think they'll lose focus on quality software, but are just getting into Instagram and mobile apps like everyone else. And Elizabeth is right, there are some incredible artists on IG. I'm there myself and have been blown away at some of the images I see. Now if they would just rid IG, and FAA, of the teenagers and others that aren't serious about their work...


Amy Weiss

4 Years Ago

Another article I read stated this... "Google seems most interested in Nik’s mobile and online tools and how they can improve Google Plus. Google declined to say whether or when it would discontinue any of Nik’s other products, like desktop software for professional photographers." From

All these companies seem to be catering to the mobile market, and it bums me out.

Beth, I have fun with Instagram... fun being the key word. I would never personally use it as a serious photography tool, though. Marketing tool, maybe. There's just no competition between a 5 MP phone camera and a 21 MP DSLR. The print quality just isn't there, imho.


Amy Weiss

4 Years Ago

Sharon, Silver Efex Pro is excellent. I use it, along with their other tools...


Mo T

4 Years Ago

I'm using all tool from Nik Software and I think they're simply the best...Silver, Color and HDR...I'm not a huge fan of phone photo industry but if they're tryin' to impove's always for the best...


What's next, wish I knew. But, whatever you do, Amy, is always classy and beautiful....your fan,x


Amy Weiss

4 Years Ago

Viv, wish I could give you the biggest hug! x


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

I just bought the suite of NIK software and love it. This acquisition news is oh so sad!


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

I didn't know Google purchased them but then again I'm not surprised, I been using the free version plugin for a few years on my Photoshop and really like it.


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

I have Silver Efex and HDR Efex. I use and like them both.

I hope Google doesn't muck this up.


Joshua House

4 Years Ago

I use Silver Efex, and have enjoyed it a great deal thus far (so many things turn out to be better in BW). Its always possible that Google will simply sell off the other portions of the company at some point if they choose to simply concentrate on the mobile business. That being said, just because they're talking about the mobile portions doesn't mean they don't have other interests. Google often plays things close to their vest after all.


Thomas Schoeller

4 Years Ago

According to Google, it's "business as usual" when asked about the future of NIk's professional line of software.

I just hope it is, and nothing less. This is all part of the cold war between Apple and Google. I could give a s__t about either of them, but I really wish the hell that they would stay clear of this. I love the NIK product, it's the best of the best. When someone ask if I "photoshopped" anything I always sarcastically reply "you mean NIK'ed?" :) :)

In regards to snapseed....(good or bad) :/ dunno. I don't use this mobile app or take photos with a phone so I'm far from that loop. To me it's goofy, trendy stuff that will fade fast.

I just hope that the product line (NIK) does not suffer being associated financially with google. They say NO, as google has literally faced the double barrel of pro photogs lined up before them in a pretty pissy mood


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