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Conor Murphy

5 Years Ago

Paypal And Charges

I though that FAA was going to pick up the Tab when Pay-Pal sends you a cheque, I requested the balance to be sent to me in the form of a cheque. but they charged me $1.50 for it.
Did I pick it up wrong or what, ?????

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Andee Design

5 Years Ago

If you have it transferred to your checking account there is no charge. And no charge to us

for getting it. The fee is because you requested Paypal to send you a paper check I think.

You might email Support to find our for sure Conor.



FAA pay the fee which is charged as FAA put money into your account. That was payed as promised. What you do after that is payable by yourself. It is free for you to transfer funds direct into your bank from Paypal but they charge for paper transactions which is not down to FAA

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Angelina Vick

5 Years Ago


Exactly. They paid the fee when they gave you the money, otherwise it would have been deducted at the time of transfer to you account.

The fee is because you asked for a check. It's free if you transfer it to your bank account, I have a Paypal check card and use it for purchasing.


Conor Murphy

5 Years Ago

Thanks Angelina, Beth and Andee, I get it...........Sorry for the delay, I just got back from work....


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