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Michael Peychich

4 Years Ago

Amazing How A Day Can Start So Good And Go So Bad.

Yesterday morning started out so beautifully, went out in the woods with hopes of seeing whitetail bucks sparing. I was able to watch three fights and got the last shot I wanted for an exhibit I am scheduled to hang next week. It is the first time I committed to a subject for an exhibit where, I had not yet taken the photographs. I will get the canvases next Wednesday and apply the clear coat, then stretch them Thursday evening and hang them Friday morning. The venue has scheduled an interview for me with a local newspaper Friday morning.

Should not have gone into work yesterday first I stepped on a nail, then while cutting on a table saw the blade hit something in the piece of lumber and it was like the board exploded. One piece went through the fleshy area between my thumb and finger, while another piece hit me in the face. Spent the rest of the day at the hospital at the hospital getting my eye and the puncture wounds treated. Tomorrow, I will go back to work maybe I will be able to find out what was in that piece of wood.

Here are a few picks from yesterday morning.

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Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

Oh man...I'm so sorry to hear that Michael....=(

I'm glad you weren't seriously injured, I hope you heal quickly!

I bet it was fun watching them spar! =)


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

Beautiful pictures Mike.

I'm guessing nail or knothole, probably the former?


Michael Peychich

4 Years Ago

Lynn it was new lumber but what ever it was caused sparks and stopped the blade. I was alone on the site so I just left everything and went to the hospital.

Angelina they were beautiful.


Marc Clamage

4 Years Ago

Reminds me of a teacher I had first year in art school, who taught "3D Structures." He was demonstrating the table saw and said "Now don't do this or a piece of wood will fly off and hit you in the eye," at which point a piece of wood flew off and hit him in the eye. I've been terrified of power equipment ever since.


Puzzles Shum

4 Years Ago

nice work


Andee Design

4 Years Ago

Sorry about your injury Micheal feel better soon! Makes my flat tire (a nail)

and missing a half day work & pay look good compared to your day!

It has to be better for you tomorrow! :)


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

you find a golden coin that was embedded in the wood... probably a nail or a piece of fence. the first time i used my chop saw i left a space behind the fence, the wood kicked pretty violently and bruised my hand. it's hard to bruise a hand but i managed.

---Mike Savad


Elizabeth Lane

4 Years Ago

Ouch!!! Hope you are okay, Michael. Just be careful of infection.
The photos are beautiful and I hope the show goes well to make up for your (literal) pains.


Murray Bloom

4 Years Ago

Ouch! Glad you weren't seriously hurt. Like mother used to say, "Careful - you could put your eye out."


Carol McLagan

4 Years Ago

sheeeze and I complained about breaking my tooth this morning a week before we go away on a long awaited holiday for 4 weeks. I will no longer complain. I hope the next day improved and the exhibition is a roaring success. Those photos are great especially the on e called Doe Profile 9736.


Carol McLagan

4 Years Ago

Michael I have been to your home page to check out your work and I am stunned, it is beautiful especially your landscape gallery. It is going to take ages to look closes so will just have to mark you as watched lol


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