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Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Woman Who Botched Spanish Fresco Wants Royalties

Article: 30,000 visitors have flocked to see Behold the Monkey

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Mario Donk

4 Years Ago

World has gone mad


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

'gone'? That's a constant ;)


Ed Meredith

4 Years Ago

HAHAhaha ha ha ha haaa aaa


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago


Dan Tuner should get a kick out of that. The crazy lady gets a lawyer to sue for money on the painting she destroyed,
and a church is getting a lawyer because she destroyed the painting.

There are so many ironies in there...where to begin...


Rebecca Sherman

4 Years Ago

From the article:
"The church decided to charge a one-euro admission fee for visitors, collecting about 2,000 euros in four days, which prompted the woman’s family to seek royalties for the work."

Her *family* is seeking the royalties. She is an 80 year old woman who made an epic mistake.


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

An epic event, in any case.


Christine Till

4 Years Ago

How silly!


Jean Moore

4 Years Ago

Rather than sue for Royalties, they could just go in and take a picture and then sell the photos as a derivative work. They would certainly make more $ that way.


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Silly sells ;) Any bets they're already planning on photo shoots with the artist with her -- ah -- resurrection?

If not the actual piece -- her rendition of it....wait for it. There'll be mugs, IPhone cases, Behold The Monkey digipainting apps & all kind of groovy souvenirs. The rabble like that.


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

An interesting legal issue is here. Can you copyright a stolen or otherwise illegal work? Should you financially benefit from a felonious act of vandalism, and senile bad judgement?

This seems like an opportunity for the legal owner of the vandalized work to recoup some of their lost assets. It seem intuitive to me that the true owner of the original painting should get all benefit and rights that can be salvaged from the situation.


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Seniors' homes want to know.


Mo T

4 Years Ago

There's a polish idiom "Boze ty to widzisz i nie grzmisz..."- "God You see this and You're not thunder"...


Shana Rowe Jackson

4 Years Ago

This is crazy!! Just when I thought this situation couldn't get any stranger!!!! lol


Banksy was just a graffiti artist who defaced other peoples property and is now one of the most famous artists of the 20th-21st century

Who is to say she will not become the same :)


Johnny Trippick

4 Years Ago

A quick visit to Poundland to stock up on my supplies of bargain basement acrylics and Kelvingrove Art Gallery here I come.


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Johnny -- you made my morning -- as Ed said above "HAHAhaha ha ha ha haaa aaa"

Another epic in the making ;)


Peter Jai

4 Years Ago

all I see is 30,000 people bored out of their skulls not knowing what to do with their time


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Gives them something to do apparently -- different strokes ...

Speaking of time -- back to other focus ;)


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

that's insane. first off no security lets the lady do what she wants. still not sure why she painted over the face since it wasn't really damaged. the church charging admission. now she wants money, nice. i suppose she could copyright the image, but it's a little late now, and it was never her image. and she should be sued, however it will be mixed up in court considering the amount of money the church is making from it. makes it kind of confusing. i still wonder if she thinks she's an artist.

---Mike Savad


Mike Jeffries

4 Years Ago

Best of luck to her I say, wish I'd thought of it. Surely the Church who lost no time exploiting the situation could pay her a royalty fee for her trouble, they are after all one of the richest institutions on the planet.


and on the next day, God created stupidity!

(I mean the situation, not these opinions, of course!)


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

4 Years Ago



Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

That's it Mary Ellen -- the epic has spawned a terrific tsunami of "oh my gawd!"s

Completely believable & utterly entertaining.

Next. ;) (epic, that is -- there's always another -- often eclipsing the previous.)


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