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Donna Renier

4 Years Ago

Project Imagination Update

I am a finalist in Project imagination. I posted about this a week or so ago but havent been able to keep up with it, especially since i am new to the site. So i will tel you about it again. also i didnt get to post the link to the contest site before.

My category is "Time" and the title of my photo is "Progress" ( I'm not in competition against Rory or Courtney who are also FAA members). They are in different categories.

Here is a link to my photo page - (mine is the bud splitting out of translucent skin)

Vote for it if you like it!

Thank you for your support!!

If you'r not into voting check it out anyway. It's an amazing site and there are so many amazing photos.

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ohhh. YOU'RE Donna! I had no idea! good luck to us all. Trying to get the buzz going is tough isn't it? Your photo is gorgeous!




Donna Renier

4 Years Ago

Thank you! how did you think you did in terms of getting the vote out? Did your friends experience problems registering to vote?


I really can't say. I have a lot of followers on instagram, and facebook, and twitter, and I belong to a couple of groups. I also posted in here.

I'd say I was most successful on instagram (where my followers are fans of my work) and twitter (where my followers are just the sweetest) and with friends and family than with anything else. Of course, it's difficult to gauge when you don't get responses or people don't comment to let you know they've voted. Facebook is really just not where it's at for me though several fb friends told me they were voting. Even though I have a lot of friends, almost none of us log on regularly.

I was least successful on here.

At the end of the day, I'm really clueless.

RE:login issues. I've noticed that the site has several issues. While it's visually attractive, it isn't very user friendly. Most of the problems I've heard were the result of iphone/ipad users trying to log in. It stalls and frustrates them resulting in possible lost votes.
I've learned that there is a spectrum of pc savvy and people who are less savvy tended to be confused by the same things...not knowing whether their vote counted. How to log in. How to navigate to my picture to vote after they've logged in.

Shrugs... I can only hope for the best....I did everything I know how to do.


Donna Renier

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the feedback. i never minded being "off the grid" until it came to suddently trying to put myeslf out there. its been fun - and yeah a lot of people have mentioned the very items you did.

i foung the solution to my problem. they were trying to register with the photo open and i realized they need to register at the main site their first time voting.

votes or no votes my feet havent touched the floor since i was contacted. i'm still in shock.


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

Based on the one image your work looks wonderful and I wish you the best of luck in the contest. Time permitting, I hope you decide to expand your presence on FAA to include uploading a few images because I'd like to see more.


I very much PREFER to be "off the grid". so I found this exercise to be quite challenging to my sensibilities in general. Still, it was fantastic in that it has answered the biggest question that I'd had regarding my art. "How do you market yourself?" I know now. You really have to put yourself out there. I've learned so much in these last 2 weeks.

It is very exciting, and to know that you've already been chosen by the judges says you've got the chops.


Rory Sagner

4 Years Ago

I feel the same way's been a challenge for me to bite the bullet and try to promote my work for the contest. I suppose it's been good for confronting the issues around that and like you, I have learned a lot. I have really enjoyed seeing the amazing work by all the entrants in the contest and very touched by those that have knocked themselves out to help me both here, and in other venues. I am really happy that at least 3 of us here on FAA got to experience this together!

Were you and Donna able to submit anything to the Discovery theme??? I have a few entries and trying to finish one more today!


Donna Renier

4 Years Ago

Yes i submitted to Discovery

All my current stuff is very organic like "progress" and i didnt think it would be a good fit so i posted some very old photos from like 20-25 years ago. " i had to take photos of my old photos because i would never know where to find the negatives.

They are not at all likely to attract any attention but were significant to me in a personal way while traveling the world as a student and young mother...

it was great fun entering and being chosen as a finalist - and i'm glad i had you two to share it with. !!!

best of luck !!!!

i guess tomorrow will tell.

i would upload a photo or two that i submitted but it dont see theupload window now - maybe because its not a new post....

oh my goodness - ron howard just came on tv right now on the awards. speaking about andy griffith :) he's such a neat guy. (he just said "dang")


Lara Ellis

4 Years Ago

Voted, good luck! :)


Lara Ellis

4 Years Ago

Voted, good luck! :)


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