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Audrey English

4 Years Ago

Google Analytics No Place To Post The Ua #

I need help! I can't find the tab to add the UA Number from Google Analytics... Well actually the tab just isn't there to pick! I have seen screen shots and I don't have the tab!
Help! How do I get the tab?
Thank you for any help! (Going totally bonkers!)

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Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago

You need to post it on your AW account. It's not for FAA.


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

And remember you have to actually login to your AW when you get on the page, then go behind the scenes and click the analytics button.


Audrey English

4 Years Ago

Thank you both for your help! For some reason I just can't seem to get it! I think I may just have to give up I have tried everything! I posted it on my AW account and still can't fine the analytics button on here! Uugh! I can't get it to work on Art-3000 either but have it working on my Etsy shop and my blog.
Thank you for trying!


Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago


Google Analytics is not designed to work on your FAA account, because there is no place to input to code. If you have successfully implemented on your Artistwebsite account your set.


Audrey English

4 Years Ago

Thanks Jeffery! I was going in circles! I appreciate all of your help! I guess I'm set up then and didn't even know it! lol!


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