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Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

5 Years Ago

Anyone Hungry?

Just finished the 2nd painting in my "Fast Food Nightmare " Series "The Happy Meal" I borrowed my friends blender from the 30's and bought this McDonald"s Doll at a flea market last week. I laughed the whole time painting this.

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Heather Applegate

5 Years Ago

Nice one...


Angelina Vick

5 Years Ago

Man...he's already got a creepy factor going...putting him in a blender made him


Thanks Heather, hope you got a good laugh


Mario Donk

5 Years Ago

Now try it with Micky Mouse , lol.


Lol, Mickey mouse is already in a pickle jar, I will show it here in a minute. @ Angel. Ronald has always been know for being creepy lol, Yes in a blender he is quite disturbing ,haha


Here you go Mario
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John Crothers

5 Years Ago

What's white and yellow and red all over?

This painting!


lol John, kinda lame though, would you like some fries with your Happy Meal?


Mario Donk

5 Years Ago

Your Bravery impresses me Leah


It's more like parody paintings Mario. Like cartoonist's do of famous characters


Gregory Scott

5 Years Ago

Yep, parody is fair use, and protected free speech. The infernal beefy cheesy Scotsman clown may not harass you. I liked George MacDonald's novels such as "At the Back of the North Wind", but the some of his clowny descendants do tend to be overbearing.


lol, Beefy Cheesy, clowns can be very interesting subject matter. Some are afraid of clowns and some love clowns


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