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Kylani Arrington

4 Years Ago

Does Anyone Use Golden Products?

I went to a seminar yesterday detailing all kinds of products in the Golden Artists Color line. It was FANTASTIC. I spent three hours learning about this line of acrylics, pastes, gel bases, gessos, etc. I even got a little sampler of some of their products!

I received course molding paste and fiber paste along with three acrylic colors. Before I go investing in some new painting supplies I'm wondering if anyone here happens to be familiar with this brand and how to use the products. I'd love any feedback!

Thanks everyone!


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James Ahn

4 Years Ago

Golden paints are good products.. All artist grade paints are good products... Golden has a good assortment of products and i've seen many fine paintings done with their fluid acrylics..


Carol McLagan

4 Years Ago

I also went to a demonstration here in Australia and like some of the ideas on how to use the paint and have tried it with paints and works ok.
I do use the 'ground medium' on small canvas before using watercolour paint on them. But generally found them a bit pricey and I prefer to use Australian paints where possible as we have very good quality paint.


Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

I have both Golden and Liquitex. I prefer liquitex because I like the tubes better. Golden's tubes have that small opening . It is easy for paint to collect around the opening making it difficult to get the tops off.Most of the time I have to use pliers to get the tubes open. The Golden tubes are more rigid too...It is sometimes hard to get paint out especially when you get closer to the bottom . The Liquitex tubes are softer and more flexible.


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