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Sandy Moulder

4 Years Ago


What copyrights are needed for old concert photos, famous persons, name brands, certain buildings and structures. I wonder about some of the things I see for sale are they past a certain date or modification enables usage?

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Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago


My experience has been that there are many who will give you their opinions; however, it would be in your best interest to seek answers from an qualified attorney who specialises in this law, in order to fully protect yourself. No one from here will be going to court with you.


Jim Poulos

4 Years Ago

Here is a site that I find very helpful:

As you can see the law changed over the years and there are several factors that determine whether or not an image is in the public domain so you should seek legal advice if you have any questions or concerns


Joy McKenzie

4 Years Ago

Hi Sandy...what I have learned is you absolutely have to pay no mind to what you see for sale here, or on the already sold pages. We have no knowledge of what kind of rights/licensing (if any) the artist has in order to use the photo, image, name brand, etc. They could have paid for rights. Or they could be just winging it hoping not to get caught. We cannot 'out' or 'name and shame' people on this forum for what may be perceived copyright infringements. Just by posting on this site you agree that you own all copyrights to the images you are posting. Does everyone follow this rule even though they agreed to it? No.

As Jeffrey stated, it is best to get your own copyright legal counsel if you have questions about what kinds of images you can post that you may have in your possession. Or do a LOT of research on your own. The laws are many and varied. I learned to stop being irritated by what are obvious copyright violations for sale on here. I concentrate on making sure my own images have no copyright violations, and just 'tend to my own knitting', so to speak! lol


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