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Jmbingo Studio BNG Photo

4 Years Ago

Dslr X Iphone

We never have seen many people taking photos from their smartphones as before. Positively, this helps people have more contact with photographs, however people don't hire profesional photographers like in the past.
This moviment is good or bat for the photography market?
What's your opinion?

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Bradford Martin

4 Years Ago

I have yet to make a marketable image with my iphone 4, but I hope to upgrade. Any way that I can produce more images is going to help me , but the proliferation of high quality cameras that can create images usable or even passable for fine art will hurt the fine art market as there is limited wall space. As for stock and assignment photography cheap digital cameras have been lessening the demand for some time now, especially because small businesses and bloggers will want to do it themselves. On the flip side of this is that people are using photos to communicate more than ever now and this opens up a market for those that are better skilled at creating visual content, if not always fine art. As for breaking news a few pros on the street can't beat 100 million camera phones that are now capable of acceptable images for internet and newsprint.


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Just because everybody has a computer to type on doesn't mean the world is flooded with brilliant novels or that writers are redundant.


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