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Dianne Liukkonen

4 Years Ago

Customer Service

Have any of you other FAA members had customer service issues with FAA? I'm having difficulty getting them to respond to a customer of mine/theirs.

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Dianne Liukkonen

4 Years Ago

He just wants to know if his order went through. It hasn't shown up in my orders, but I don't know how long it takes a sale to show up. He ordered yesterday afternoon.


Christine Till

4 Years Ago

It shows in your sales folder right after the customer hit the final "Submit" button at the end of the purchase process.
If the sale doesn't show in your Sales folder then probably something went wrong when your client placed the order.


Dianne Liukkonen

4 Years Ago

Yes, I know that. Thank you. I had many sales last year. I just don't know how long it takes to register on the site - if it went through, so that I can respond to him. I told him to call his card company and ask them, since FAA can't seem to answer it for either him or I.


Dianne Liukkonen

4 Years Ago

I just find it a bit ridiculous that they couldn't respond to him in a timely manner. It has been nearly 24 hours now. They really should have actual humans answering their phones instead of machines taking messages or return calls more quickly.


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