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Pretchill Smith

4 Years Ago

Eye Eruption ,,,,

this is my new piece what do you think of this piece ? any taker..

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Tony Murray

4 Years Ago

I like the image but not the background.


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

Photography Prints




4 Years Ago

I like it, it feels like perception itself, and all the neuron connections from the eye to the I erupting in a field of pure consciousness.


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

The title is painful and scary. I also prefer the explosion to the background.



4 Years Ago

Pritchill they're right the eruption is great but the background doesnt look that great.It looks disconnected.


Pretchill Smith

4 Years Ago

thank you guys for the comments i see we all have different points of view in this piece nothing is wrong about that ..some are happy some are not .. in which way? u mean disconnected? Mr. Rotcod?


Joseph Baril

4 Years Ago

To me, that would make a great acrylic, or metal print. Those mediums tend to bring out the bold, & vivid colors.


Jan Steadman-Jackson

4 Years Ago

I cannot see the significance of the purple background. I`m thinking maybe a red background would have portrayed a stronger, more striking image especially as regards the title of the piece. Just my opinion. Regardless of that, I still had somewhat of a *Wow* factor response to`s good. :-)


Georgiana Romanovna

4 Years Ago

I think that the background doesn't make the explosion stand out as such - there needs to be a color shift, but more importantly - a tonal shift for your explosion to work well. Just my free opinion :)


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