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CMG Design Studios

4 Years Ago

Did A Whole Bunch Of Groups Disappear?

I noticed today that several of the groups I normally add images to are no longer there. Did these groups disappear? Is anyone seeing this as well.

One in particular was the group called Digital Art Styles (I think). It was run by Allen Wilson.
I think there was also one called "Thing that go bump in the night" and another called "Macabre Art" or something like that.

It also looks like the features from those groups are no longer showing on images which had been featured.
For example, I have this image which was featured in the "Digital Art Styles" group. It no longer shows to have ever been featured.

If the groups are closed, I can understand that, but is there no way to preserve the featured part on the image page itself?

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CMG Design Studios

4 Years Ago

Wow. So is there no way to get the feature back on our images? I know the group no longer exists, but the image was still featured. And I think that is important for people to see that at one time some person or group gave special treatment to an image where it was set apart and above numerous other images.

Also, if the feature is removed from the image(s), does this diminish the ranking in the search results?


SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Hi Chris,

I certainly do know even some closed webpage..the mother site still have how online record can be ressurected and even haunt you=) ...ask the technical team..I did that on one defucnt site just to link my feautured winning ideas:



Kim Bird

4 Years Ago

Watercolor group disappeared.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i lost about 300. but its so much faster while it's lean.

anyway i do have a question - if you get features in those groups, and that effects placement in the search, do you lose that placement? or is it so minor it doesn't matter?

---Mike Savad


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