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Heidi Smith

4 Years Ago

Need Ideas For Promotions On Fb

I've seen where someone with a product will say, for example, the first one to 'like' this will get a free whatever or a discounted whatever...anyone ever try anything like that and exactly how did you go about it? I was thinking of using a coupon but I find the coupons hard to explain if they're a percentage off the mark up and not a percentage off the total price. Maybe should do dollar discount instead.... Ideas???

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i personally think facebook is a waste of time to advertise on. but it works for some. i don't like the thought though of bribing people to like your stuff. it would just be easier to run a general promo. tell them it's 23%off or something hard to do the math on, and let it run for a week or so.

---Mike Savad


I get people to name my new painting and, the winner (the person who gave the name I choose) wins a free print of that painting.

I have received a LOT of interest and a couple of sales.


Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago

The LIKE idea is a very good way to attract more people to your fan page. Many artists and company offer discounts only for those who like their fan page. And when they like your page their friends can see it.

I never tried though.


Heidi Smith

4 Years Ago

Mike, I'm not "bribing" people to 'like' my page though, I was just thinking of a coupon or such for the first person to respond to my post about the coupon, if that makes sense. I don't care to try to get people to 'like' my page. Everything there is for the public to see anyhow. I doubt that any of my sales have come from people who've 'liked' my fb page.

Beth, that's a fun idea!!

Marcio, I see that a lot.

Hmmm, food for thought....


Julie Butterworth

4 Years Ago

I like your idea Beth, and Marcio, will try these:)


Pam Johnson

4 Years Ago

I like your idea Beth, I will try that one. Heidi I have done a promotion where if I get my facebook likes to a certain number I will put all the numbers in a draw and the winner gets to choose a certain sized image. It seemed to work for me and I got sales from it, but I like Beths idea more.


LOL Pam, I was about to say I like your idea !

I am off to let them know and see if that works :)


Carolyn Marshall

4 Years Ago

Pam, how do you determine what number goes to whom? When I look at my list of "likes" it only has names but not the order they liked my page. Sounds like a good idea, as does Beth's.



What I just did was say I wanted to get to a certain number of likes on my FB page

I am at 211 now and told them to share my page and then add a hello in the contest thread

When I reach 250 Likes, I will draw one of those hello names from a hat to win a print :)


Carolyn Marshall

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Beth. That would work. I haven't tried any of these kinds of promotions, but it makes sense.


Heidi Smith

4 Years Ago


May I ask, how you would do that? Would you pay for the materials yourself? Do they tell you what print they want then you order it from FAA and have it shipped directly to them? Sorry, I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of how this would work.



What I do is, when I have chosen a winner from the names contests (and this will be the same with what I am doing now) I then message them and ask them for their address.

I then come to FAA and just buy and put their address as the shipping address.

With this one they have a choice so I will send them to the gallery and ask for their choice and the address


John Crothers

4 Years Ago

I did a text to win campaign. Text "winpicture" to "12345"(not real number) and the system automatically picked a winner from entries at the time I set for the contest to end. I gave away a small framed print, but you could make the prize anything.

The system allows you to capture numbers and send updates (like new art for sale) to the people that like your work enough to send a text for a chance to win it. Permission based marketing.

I think I ended up with about 40 entries. Which isn't bad as I marketed mostly on Facebook and I only have about 100 friends. A lot of my friends shared it with their friends.

I did what Beth did to get the winner their picture.


Heidi Smith

4 Years Ago

Great ideas, everyone! I think I'm going to go with a combo of the above ideas. Thank! I appreciate your input so much. :)


Ismeta Gruenwald

4 Years Ago

question from a new member........
why likes are important in FB?
it all seems pointless to me!
I had a fan page on FB earlier. I was there 500 likes. but the old site is hacked. I now have new site and have 75likes. but really I do not know why I need these likes! It might be a stupid question, but to me it seems pointless!
greatings from Austria :))
"google translator"


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

facebook likes are pointless. you do get i think stats at a certain amount of likes, but who cares. you want votes here, as well as comments, favorites, watching, etc - that helps you in the ranking. but likes on facebook are just a way to make you feel good about yourself and a way to show off. it doesn't help sales any.

---Mike Savad


Heidi Smith

4 Years Ago

I wouldn't be doing it to get "likes". I could care less about that myself. I don't put much time or effort into my fb page. I just thought it may be a good way to get more of my work seen in general. A business page is open for anyone to view whether they've liked it or not. I get comment and likes on some images by people that haven't even liked my page. I don't believe any of my sales have come from fb fans. To be honest, I have no clue where my sales have come from.


Charm Angels

4 Years Ago

Facebook likes extend your network. Once one likes your page she will receive anything you post on your page wall. So if you use it wisely, you can promote what you want thanks to that. That should work better than posting to your personal wall because on the page you would only find people with an expressed interest on your page. So, in theory, that should facilitate your marketing.


Tina Price

4 Years Ago

I post photos of my works as they progress which creates a lot of interest. The first few I did were just for me, but the interest in the works sparked many to ask about commissions. Now every work I post creates one to three commissions. It's grown to the point that I'm going to have to slow it all down a bit as I've got a list that will take quite a while to complete. I don't post my prices publicly, only by PM. After the first few commissions, I doubled my prices and it actually increased the interests and numbers. I plan to raise my prices once again after the first of the year. This was all a bit of a fluke as I never anticipated much interest.


Mark Tisdale

4 Years Ago

Be careful you don't run afoul of Facebook's guidelines for promotions/contests. I've read several suggestions above that are technically against the TOS. It only matters of course if you get caught, but then you're risking them shutting down your page.


Scott B Bennett

4 Years Ago

I had a facebook page long before I came here, problem is people who dont know you are weary of puchasing because(THEY DONT KNOW YOU) send them here write up a statement under several picture's telling them how they can purchase your work from this reputable company,it might work for you. I dont know Ive been on here about a month now nearly 2000 hit's no commenmtes no purchases. Im being to think I really suck and give up.Anyone care to take alook and give honest opinion's. I really need to know if Im making a total fool of myself


Kathleen Rutten

4 Years Ago

Heidi, thanks for this discussion. I've only been an FAA member for a few months and was considering ways to promote my work. I am considering the discount coupon and see how the percentage will confuse people. I'll try my best to explain that to the potential buyer when offering the coupon. I intend to try it for a limited time and also like Elizabeth's idea :-) I also appreciate Mark's reminder on the FB rules. Have you had any results yet from your promotion?

I personally feel positive about using a FB fan page. I also have created a blog. My intent with each of these is to redirect that traffic back to FAA. So far just about all my traffic and the 2 sales I had came from FB fans. I only have 42 people who have liked the page so far but am getting many others that leave comments or like images that actually haven't liked the page. Some people (including myself) hesitate to like a page that is public because any comment you make will be public (most fan pages are public). Some people have bosses that actually do searches on them and have fired people because of what they like! I never underestimate the lurkers as they may actually be a buyer that needs to stay anonymous. I think having various sources of networks out there is simply a method for marketing and getting people to be familiar with your work. I love having the ability to redirect people either through one of these sites or from people I meet personally in my community to the FAA site. No matter what business you are in, networking is always important.


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