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Robert Kernodle

5 Years Ago

Do Space Aliens Have Copyrights ?

In 2007 a person (using the pseudonym, "Isaac") appeared on the internet, claiming to be a former engineer at the Department of Defense, Palo Alto California labs, formerly working on a program called CARET (Commercial Applications Research for Extra-terrestrial Technologies). He posted a series of images supposedly smuggled out of those labs in the 1980's -- images depicting diagrams of extraterrestrial technology, supposedly reproduced by Palo Alto technical artists copying the diagrams from curved panels of alien technology itself. An exhaustive account of this curious debut appears at

In the year of Isaac's appearance, I downloaded his large image files of supposed alien tech specs, which he freely offered to the public at that time. These large image files appear to have disappeared from the internet today, with only much smaller versions continuing to linger in historical accounts of what most people have come to regard as one of the most elaborate UFO hoaxes ever.

The designs that Isaac freely shared with the public supposedly existed already fixed (by aliens) in the tangible medium of their technology. The supposed Palo Alto technical artists merely copied what already existed fully expressed, NOT adding anything new or original. Consequently, if anybody would have had copyrights to these diagrams, then the aliens would have.

I have begun using these images in derivative works, since copyright laws apparently do not seem to apply. I call the image posted here Quantum Egg.

The only way that the person named "Isaac" could exercise a claim of copyright would be to recant the entire story that supports his images' authenticity, thus ruining his credibility, which seemed to be his original intent to promote.

So, do terrestrial copyright laws apply to extra-terrestrials? Would government artists be infringing, by copying native inscriptions from advanced alien technology?

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Mark James Perry

5 Years Ago

Copyright is automatic when you sign it. That is, I hope, the way it works.


Jim Poulos

5 Years Ago

Contact the Intellectual Property Division of the United Federation of Planets for Guidance... I believe it is located on the Planet Vulcan


Jim Poulos

5 Years Ago

duplicate post deleted


Johnny Trippick

5 Years Ago

Not only do they have copyright - they know how to enforce it. Hah - puny humans! Not only will they sue - they'll blow up all our national monuments, enslave humanity and pulverise your very planet into neutrinos. For further information about extraterrestials and their pouting petulance I refer you to such reliable docudramas as The Blob, Alien, Independence Day, War of The Worlds, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Plan 9 fro Outer Space and so on.


Ed Meredith

5 Years Ago

i wouldn't worry about it... unless their copyright experts are probing into your business...


Robert Kernodle

5 Years Ago

I surely don't wanna be messin' with no Vulcans. The logic of THEIR laws would surely crush me and maroon me on an ice-planet prison where no infringer has gone before.

Alien copyright probes "into my business" don't sound too exciting either, although some freaky aliens are probably into stuff like that.

There's a Funist law firm that I suppose I could consult too - Marino, Smithline, and Dissociates. Those two guys are actually registered with FAA, but they never appear in the forums, because the discussions moderator could not handle their truth (^_^).


Claude Oesterreicher

5 Years Ago



Jim Sauchyn

5 Years Ago

On Star Trek all the aliens and the Earthlings have evolved to a level beyond ownership and craving for money so they don't need copyrights on anything.
I don't know if that includes the Borg however... You just better hope they don't own those images..


Rose Art

5 Years Ago

the clock starts ticking when it is published Mark. It can be created and signed in lets say 67 , but if it is not published or made available for public viewing, the copyright clock hasn't even started to tick. Something to keep in mind when deciding to pillage public domain. Could be some of who ever, was held back by family or foundation, and is not available for pillage at all, even though the artist has been dead for awhile.


Lynn Palmer

5 Years Ago

Must be a slow night...


Jenny Armitage

5 Years Ago

No, but people who pretend to be space aliens might.


Daniel Rauch

5 Years Ago

do space aliens have copyrights .... i believe so, there called lazer guns ... :P


Ed Meredith

5 Years Ago

Copyright the Final Frontier...

Sometime within the next 5 years, the Voyager 1 space craft is expected to reach interstellar space. It will be the first man made object to cross the heliosphere, which is the final stop in our solar system.

Voyager 1 contains a gold phonographic record... the record is filled with iconic sights, images, and sounds from earth, and the prevailing message, "we come in peace". the contents of the actual gold record are not in public domain.

The disc was comprised by Carl Sagan, and it contains many pieces of art, songs, and images, that are all copyrighted... Sagan at great expense, had to secure the rights to include these items separately... the special alien license does not allow the right to free copy and distribution... In fact, it is unclear if an original copy of the entire disc still exists on earth.


John Ayo

5 Years Ago

I think the Berne Convention only covers works from signatory states.

But I'm guessing that does not preclude any state from honoring copyrights from non-signatories.


Robert Kernodle

5 Years Ago

To play with the idea even more:

We Earthlings have lots of space junk out there. Now I'm envisioning alien junk artists using all this mess to make out-of-this-world junk art.

Could we take aliens to court for copying Voyager's gold-record contents? If they've made it this far, then I say let 'em have the stuff.

Maybe this is why life-bearing planets are so far apart - to keep us life forms from infringing on each others' intellectual property.


John Ayo

5 Years Ago

I think junk art wouldn't count as copying since you're just assembling already-made copies and/or originals.

IIRC, there was a case of a fellow modifying Barbie dolls and selling them. IIRC, when the Barbie owners tried to stop him the court decided that the modifying and selling was ok, but that he couldn't use the "Barbie" name to market them because it would be a trademark violation.


SAIGON De Manila

5 Years Ago


VISA not accepted.

Only Republican can apply.
Democrats should fall on line.


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