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Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

A Minor Milestone

My 300th file on sale here, shot very early this morning down at the harbour

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Just stunning,Paul......the clarity and light are astounding.


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Thanks. I think I got a bunch of good shots today. The reward for getting up at 6am (though I really need to get there even earlier).


Patricia Strand

4 Years Ago

You live in a strangely beautiful place! Lovely photo.


Congrats Paul! In my neck of the woods, you've now reached "rookie" status with 300th! j/k, you done did good!



Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Oh, I know it's not much. I've got 4,922 at Shutterstock and I should really have at least twice that number there (but I'm lazy). I'm only messing about here, primarily to store photos that I may want to get a print from at some stage.


Rick Frost

4 Years Ago

Wow, I recognized that scene immediately! Ive been there while on a 4-Day pass from Iraq. I loved Qatar, what a beautiful place!


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Yeah, it's quite memorable, isn't it, and in a better way than Iraq, I'm sure. If only the weather wasn't so utterly horrible....

Here's another one you'll recognise .... more or less, number 301. It took some fiddling to balance the exposure

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Janice Drew

4 Years Ago

Nicely shot, Paul.


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Sweet shot and congrats. It takes a while to get 300 uploaded EVEN if you already had them....


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