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Andrew Read

4 Years Ago

Happy 50th Birthday 007!!

It's 50 years since James Bond first hit the screens with Sean Connery, since then we have had many bonds..all with their unique style.
Here is a drawing i did a few years back as a tribute to one of the best known spies in Movie History.

What's your fave Bond movie?


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Dan Turner

4 Years Ago

I felt the whole thing went downhill when Connery departed. However, "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig finally brought this tired old franchise back to life. That guy is more Bond than even Connery! Fantastic film.


Patricia Strand

4 Years Ago

Thunderball and Goldfinger, but I didn't like the way women were portrayed in those films. I was only 16, but I could see that the women had nothing to do but look pretty and then get killed.


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

I liked all the old Sean Connery ones the best but my favorite James Bond spoof flick was the 1967 Casino Royale starring David Niven and Peter Sellers as James Bond.


Claude Oesterreicher

4 Years Ago

I like the one with that really, REALLY gorgeous woman in it.

Oh, wait...



Peter Jai

4 Years Ago

I'm with you Dan.


Chuck De La Rosa

4 Years Ago

Casino Royale was excellent. Its the only movie that actually follows the Fleming book very closely. Prior to that, Goldfinger had to be my favorite.


David Lane

4 Years Ago

On my very first solo date with a young lady, I took her to see Goldfinger


Dan Turner

4 Years Ago

Yes, Goldfinger! An excellent date movie. I was too young to date, but I had the soundtrack, a silver-gray model Aston-Martin DB5 with ejection seat and an Oddjob metal-brimmed hat. And I learned that painting women gold, which seemed like a great idea, would kill them. Oday otnay aintpay omenway oldgay. Favorite moment: "Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?" "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

I knew my Bond stuff forward and backward in those days.


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

I liked Pussy Galore from Goldfinger. :)


Andrew Read

4 Years Ago

Looks like Goldfinger is in the lead then, thought it might be..such a cool film...i must admit Sean is still the man when it comes to Bond...i have always been a fan of Pierce Brosnan and i think he did a good job at the time although i'm impressed with the way Daniel Craig has handled the role. Patricia i agree with the portrayal of women in those films..i think they have had a few stronger women hopefully that portrayal is improving. Wonder what the new movie will be like.


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