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Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

4 Years Ago

Good Evening Alfred Hitchcock Lovers!

Do you remember who used to say that long ago?

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I got inspired by a few friends who's Grandmother used to be the caregiver of Hitchcock and his wife long ago in California and they were telling me many stories of their encounters of talking with Alfred. I wish I was there! Since I wasn't I had to do a painting of him. What do you think?

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Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago


You nailed his I like the birds flying all over and the one escaping his head.


Thanks Angel. I am glad you see where the birds are coming from (his head)


I'm a big Hitchcock fan (though I think he was more than a little unstable).

Leah, you've captured him, and his little friends, perfectly!


Thanks Wendy, a fun painting to do


Christine Till

4 Years Ago

Hitchcock was a master.
Sure, 'The Birds' is an incredibly good movie, but Alfred did better in other movies, using very few but precise effects to create immense tension and intentions.

Your Painting nails his personality well, Leah. I like it. It's very nice.


Brian Wallace

4 Years Ago

After many decades, I'm rediscovering old TV shows which I always thought were written much better than the majority of today's TV. Stations like THIS, AntenaTV, and MeTV are broadcasting all the old TV shows including Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Before now, I would occasionally watch them on Websites that had them. I should say that I've never subscribed to cable TV which may have rebroadcast these old favorites. I could never get over the idea of paying for something I grew up watching for free.

This was a 2D to 3D conversion I did of a poster for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". To view the 3D effect, you'll need Red/Cyan 3D glasses...

The Birds - Conversion

I'm sure some of you had seen recently that Tippi Hedren had some very unpleasant things to say about Alfred Hitchcock and how he acted towards her during the filming of this movie.


Thanks Christine, very cool Brian


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