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Phyllis Kaltenbach

4 Years Ago

Need Administrators

My dear Friends at FAA,
I find I am victom of a near, nervous breakdown, but, at the moment, I am hanging in there. I have 3 groups on FAA. I really don't know if I can continue with them. I am usually so laid back and easy going that the latest cirucmstances have come as a complete suprise! My groups are 'Wild and Crazy', which ususally has appied to me, over my 77 years. I really only wanted to be that, but probaly never really was. 'Dogs Puppies Kittens Cats and any baby animal that....' and 'All Warm Blooded Baby Animals' are my 3 groups. Could you, possibly take them over, or do you know of anyone who would like to. For some unknown reason, the world seems to be closing in on me. I will try to continue until I hear from someone who would like to take my 3 groups in hand. I love all my friends that I have gained on fine Art America and I will miss everyone, but I am not sure I can handle all, at the moment. I hope someone will come to my rescue. Thank you, so very much. Phyllis Kaltenbach

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Andee Design

4 Years Ago

You are welcome Phyllis! I hope things get better for you! Take care!



Phyllis Kaltenbach

4 Years Ago

I don't know who has recieved whatever it is I have written. Did you get my message that Lesa Weller has been wonderful and will take "Wild and Crazy"? thank you, very much! Phyllis


I have the three groups and am fostering them

I am keeping one of the baby animal groups for myself but if anyone would like to take over the other two, or one of the other two groups, please let me know and I will transfer them to you


Phyllis Kaltenbach

4 Years Ago

I am really trying to remember how I get the links to you.


Phyllis Kaltenbach

4 Years Ago

Now, I lost the message I just wrote. Apparently I was knocked off of FAA, AGAIN! I will get a message to you as soon as I can. You are so wonderful to do this for me.



Hugs first x

Okay give me the links and I will foster them for you until we can find new admin


Shasta Eone

4 Years Ago

Best to let Beth know and to get her help on finding someone to take over the groups.


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