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4 Years Ago

Lost Image Votes By Editting

I edited some of my Images today & all of them reset the vote & stumbleupon counts back to zero. Since higher vote counts raises an Image in the FAA Search. it is very maddening that this happens. I am not going to ask for this to be changed because I am sure it won't. So I will make sure I will not have to edit any new Image. I post rarely to these message boards so please do not get on me about anything. I did not want to post this but I have never seen any post about this issue.

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Mike is right. I clicked on vote & it recorded my vote for my image which I have never done & will not again. I will just wait until a viewer votes after editing an Image. Jean, Thanks for your comment.


Just click on the votes as, they should still be there, and will show again if you do that

SU is playing up and it is not on our end I am afraid


Jean Noren

4 Years Ago

You do nice work. Which ones did you lose votes on? Maybe you could post a few here and get some back?


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

that's an easter egg... only it's not zero, it just looks that way, if you hit vote again it will show you that the votes are still there. it's bad when you edit and the image is gone - i've had that happen a few times.

---Mike Savad


Hmmm, this is a quirk I haven't run into. I've been doing lots of edits this week, and today, with no problems. My only question (and I'm betting you've already checked) is, are you sure the votes are gone? Sometimes, the vote box shows '0', but when you click on it the existing votes are revealed.

If that's not your situation, I'd definitely contact tech support.

I hope you get it straightened out. Votes are hard to come by; I'm sure most of us would like to hang on to the ones we've received.


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