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Lynn Maverick Denzer

4 Years Ago

Finally Sold., But Not On Sold Page

As I log in, I see sold items. When I finally sell something, it is not on the sold page and I am a premium member. An suggestions? How does one get in touch with FAA ? Lynn Maverick Denzer

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Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

When I sell something...I do not see myself on the sold page.


Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago


I have noticed that those who appear on the sales page rotate throughout the day. And though you may not see yourself as you look at one given point, by refreshing the page or checking back you might catch your sale shortly thereafter.

I also have found my sales by using the ctrl+f (on pc) and searching for keywords, i.e, my name, artwork name, etc.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

as jeff said, you have to hit reset a few times. then look. they rotate 3-4 days of images up there to look like many. you can also find it by looking at recently sold and it shows the last 500 or so. it's easier to see if you have many up there. but it takes quite a few refreshes to see it.

---Mike Savad


David Lane

4 Years Ago

Why do you care.? If it sold it's there. You got an email pointing to the brag page when it sold..


We sell hundreds of prints each day. The page that you're referring to only shows 500 prints from the past three days. If you didn't catch your image there within those first 72 hours, then you will never see it there.


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