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John Shaw

4 Years Ago

Art Like Mine

Hi everyone

I have been looking for art like mine. I have found some that is close to mine, but not really. Could you help if you can?

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4 Years Ago

Hi John, Some others might know, but I don't know of anyone that has your style. And that's good!.. Being unique is your ticket. Take a look at some of Gabi's work. She has a style that is not only breath taking, but very unique. Here's one of her pics.

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Not to take the lime light off of you, but I just wanted to point out that an artist who has his/her own style usually ends up successful. Keep up the great work John!


Mathilde Vhargon

4 Years Ago

I really like your work John. I looked and commented on two. I will go back to see the rest when I have more time. Here's one I especially like.

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Mathilde Vhargon

4 Years Ago

The whimsical piece of yours reminded me a little of Scott Rolfe's work, who is here on FAA ... search for him here, and also has another web page with more of his work and a blog at I'm not sure what you mean about looking for someone who does art like yours. There are quite a few mixed media artists and quite a few who make whimsical pieces as well as the other types you make. In any case, thanks for introducing yourself and it's good to see your work.


Anne Lacy

4 Years Ago

I believe we all have our unique style :) I have looked at your gallery John and I love your whimsical and very original! I haven't seen any art that is truly like yours. Maybe some is similar but you all have your own style. That is what makes every artist unique! Scott Rolfe is also whimsical and in that regard your art is similar, but your style is still unique to you!

It is wonderful to see all the different artists here..and what they have to offer. I enjoyed looking at your gallery and have left you a few comments/v/fav's.



Jonathan E Raddatz

4 Years Ago

Been getting acquainted with your work John... powerful stuff... and wholly yours.




JAXINE Cummins

4 Years Ago

John, do you mean mixed media, I work in mixed media my self, I enjoy working with the media, But!!!
People do not put it in a good catagory in shows. I just won First place at AZ. State fair, and the ribbon is $100.
First place for Acrylic is $200. it always pays less. We just don't get any respect!!!! lol!!!


Mathilde Vhargon

4 Years Ago

I've no experience of art shows or even selling art, but I'm really sorry to hear that your mixed media work is valued less highly than other media. It makes no sense to me at all. I'm glad you take it in good humour, but I would like to know what possible explanation those who set the categories and prize amounts would give for this discrepancy.


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