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SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Featured Artworks Video..

hi everyone,

dunno if this is a good news for you but am featuring a video teaser for all featured artworks in our homepage...this is to declog the endless beautifuls works in the frnt page..and also promote your works in the future..i havent done any caption for you to simply have it in your leasure..

Please check the SAMPLE and leave a comment..thie selection were pick in random but mostl the initial top 14 at the moment..

Have fun!

All rights reserves for your protection,


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SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the supportive email Darren!


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

4 Years Ago

Your video is beautiful and very well done; however, you *really* need to include the artists' names on their work.


Meldra Driscoll

4 Years Ago

Beautiful work on the videos! I'm wondering if people who "steal ideas or art" would be able to lift anything from the video? I agree that the artist's name needs to be visible, and would include the title of the piece that's been given here at FAA. Also a connection button or something that points them to our group.


SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Thanks... Its only a draft actually, I chck sme email relied tday and ven saw wrng video for my other group.

All concerns are noted, Artist credit and (FAA) group location.

Thanks to all.


SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

I made the "final" draft today with all the suggestion but having hard time uploading it on youtube... the size ballooned to 146mb from 5.6mb last time...due to HD setting I did.its only about 2mins ...meantime am trying to have it on my FB account at the moment.



SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

this is the latest update. with artist credit:


Anne Lacy

4 Years Ago

Thank you Saigon for your work and support with this!


Natalie Holland

4 Years Ago

Thank you, Saigon for making this beautiful video! :)


SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Thanks everyone specially the outpouring of appreciation on my malbox!

Would you like to let me announce this video on the general discussion thread for better traffic to our homepage?? i have my next video already..but its the epic addition of artist credits thats eating more time lol!

Fresh from the oven without the icing..



SAIGON De Manila

4 Years Ago

Check this new batch of featured works:


Kay Novy

4 Years Ago

Very nice! Great ideas, keep them coming!!!


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