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Hegde Photos

4 Years Ago

Question About Limited Time Special Promotions

I am newbie at FAA here and have been trying to use the Limited Time special Promotions feature. I have these questions. Can someone help answer these? I really appreciate your help!

1) What is the default sort order for the images in the Special Promotion page? I keep seeing the same artwork on the first page all the time and my work always gets stuck page 10, 15 etc.! :) How do you move up in the default sort order so you get more visibility?

2) I see that there are lot of promotions that are expired - why aren't they removed immediately so other artworks can be moved up?

3) Even though FAA Special Promo page states that there is a set base price (e.g. Base price for 36x24 is $85), FAA seems to increase the base price once you increase your markup by more than $50!! That is really strange given how this feature is advertised! Any ideas why that is?

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i don't think there is a default order. i can only assume it still uses persons selling things as a priority list order. just like the main search.

2. the expired ones should be removed, but oddly they aren't.

3. i never played with it enough to see price increases, but i'm guessing, just like poster sales, if you go over $50 it will increase the profit the site gets by 15%. or it could be a bug.

---Mike Savad


Hegde Photos

4 Years Ago

Regarding #3, from the behavior of the tool, I don't think it is a bug. It seems rather intentional. The whole thing about the special promo page is that you get a fixed published base price for certain size of canvases. There is no mention of conditional markup - below is info from that page. So, I am surprised when I keep increasing the markup the base price keeps increasing as well which is a bummer. e.g. when the mark up is $50, the base price is $85, for $51 markup, the base price is now $90 etc.

"Fine Art America has manufactured a large quantity of stretched canvases in seven standard sizes (see below). Since we manufacturer these sizes in bulk, we are able to offer them for sale at substantially reduced prices: "

Width Height Base Price
... ... ...
24" 36" $85

The prices shown are for gallery-wrapped stretched canvases (1.5" stretcher bars) with black, white, or mirrored-image sides. You get to pick one of your images... pick one of these sizes... and then add a markup to the base price for that size"


Hegde Photos

4 Years Ago

I am finding couple more puzzling facts as well. According to the published prices page ( for Canvases and papers, the regular price of a 36x24 canvas is $79.20. However the discounted price on the special promotion page for the same size is $85! (about $5 more than the regular price!!). For the canvases of the same size that are offered via my profile page, the price is $126 - BEFORE the markup - this is about $47 than the prices that are published!!

I am a bit confused! Can someone help explain why this is?


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i never got that much into it. they never seem to sell. and it takes a while to get it all set up. not all crop ratio's work. i gave up on them a while ago.

you can't go by the print prices, limited promo's use a certain size of clearance frames. they are a specific size and ratio, therefore get a special price as well. i'm not sure if you can compare them side by side. there also may be less markups of other types.

---Mike Savad


Hegde Photos

4 Years Ago

Thanks Mike for your response.

From what I can tell, the items displayed on the Limited Time Promotions Page do sell as I have seen them appear on the Recently Sold items list and it looks like many of them just stay there forever. I am not sure why the default sort order is not by the time left on the promotions (i.e. Promotions that are expiring soon would appear first).

I would love to hear some explanations from someone from FAA as well.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i've tried playing with them in the past. but since it's hard to know what people might like it's impossible to guess which ones i should do. i guess i could try the abstract ones, but i'm still not sure if i care. but you can add the concerns on the suggestion list, though i bet it's there. the part i don't like is the fact your name isn't listed underneath the image (unless he changed that), some people like certain artists.

---Mike Savad


Sean McDunn

4 Years Ago

1. The order of the images on the special promotions page is the same as the rest of the FAA search engine. It's based on 25+ different criteria (e.g. number of sales, number of favorites, number of comments, etc.)

2. The search engine only updates once every 24 hours. If a promotion expires, it can take up to 24 hours for it to be removed from the search engine.

3. FAA has to pay the credit card processing fees when a buyer makes a purchase. As you increase your markup beyond $50, we have to increase the price that we charge, as well, in order to compensate for the credit card processing fees.



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