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Jeff Lee

6 Years Ago

Marketing And Business Management For The Artist

I've started a new group call "Marketing and Business Management for the Artist" and would like all to visit.

I have been a successful business person for many years. I am now retired and share my business knowledge on my blog at Having worked with a art marketing consultant and am going to share that information here. I am including in this post a marketing proposal for an art that represents the form of a working marketing plan for an artist. I hope to this group becomes a respository for marketing and business management best practices for all the artists here. This post is also the first post in the group, but I wanted to post the marketing plan outline here so even if you don't join the group it might present some ideas that are useful. This is about 10 years old so specific gallerys and other places might not still be open. But consider this a conceptual marketing plan - the skeleton waiting for you to build the muscles and body. Perhaps as a group we can build a marketing plan that will work for all art forms.

Thank you for sharing your unique sculpture with me. I have divided your consultation into the following topics 1) marketing to attract commissions, corporate clients and collector¡¦s 2) marketing sculpture reproductions of originals 3) promotional materials and publicity campaign 4) using the Internet as a marketing tool.


1. Register work with the Percent for art program in various states. A mailing list can be ordered of 125 Art Council Slide Registries which provide an important art source for collectors and architects. There is a list called Art Museums- the ideal way to introduce curators to your work. 1000 Interior Designers- they work with corporations and private collectors

2. Place your work in a major airport. Check out an airport in the Far East. The Palm Springs airport has artists showcasing their sculpture work. Maybe Seattle International Airport would be a good place to display some work. Do you have pieces available?

3. Contact the Arts in the Embassies Program, United States Department of State, D.C. 20520. I have placed work of a native carver with Ambassador Roy in Indonesia. I have an e-mail which states that ¡§ Indonesians love art of any form.¡¨ I feel we can network with him so you might get leads of collectors in Indonesia.

4. Find an alternative space to display your work monthly. Find an upscale restaurant or bank or hospital who will display your work or some institutions, especially colleges, and universities. What about UCLA or JFK University? .

5. Join the American Council of the arts @212 223-2387. You need to take a leadership part with a national art organization.
6. ƒ³
7. Join the National Sculpture Society, Foothills Art Center 809 15th Street, Golden, CO, 84401. The number is 303-297-3922.

8. Explore major markets in the United States such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York. We need to find a gallery in Laguna Beach, in LA, in La Jolla, in Carmel, in Seattle, in Sedona, and Old Town San Diego. Also, we need to explore other markets in the Far East especially Japan. I have two clients who are with have been with Delta Air Lines twenty-five years and make the Tokyo Japan run several times a month . . . They could be helpful in lining up another exhibition in the next 18 months which would realize your goal of connecting East and West.
9. Set-up small exhibits in other Oriental Hotels like the one in Koh Samui. Also, what are your impressions of Sri Lanka and Viet Nam in regard to marketing your work?
10. Set up an exhibition at other Shangri-la Hotels in the Far East.
11. I found a gallery in Malaysia which we can contact. The name is Pelita Hata Gallery of Art @ jaring.mybiz/artelina@pc.jaring.mymalaysia.
12. .
13. Check out the Hong Kong Museum of Art to see if they might exhibit a piece of your work. A side note: this would give you a constant presence in Hong Kong and advertise your exhibit in 1998.
14. Connect with other Design Firms in Hong Kong and British West Indies. Also, contact Simon Wood Associates and Charles Robertson on a regular basis.

15. We should contact Images International of Hawaii, Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. They currently featuring an artist named Caroline Young and a bronze piece entitled Spirit Unconquered. This location has thousands of Asian tourists per year.

16. The ISC Directory you sent is an excellent resource. We must carefully identify where in the United States and the rest of the world would be an appropriate site for your work. Each place will require slides or a disk so they may view your work. However, before we can begin, we must research the site and find the right fit. For example, Edwards Garden in the Museum of Contemporary in San Diego, in La Jolla has temporary exhibitions that range from six months to a year. We need to know their specifications and if your work will be accepted in the exhibition.

17. Think about those that buy your art as patrons. Find out as much as you can about those who purchase your work. Try to develop a list of patrons and collectors. I would suggest that we design a type of newsletter which updates your clients of what new work you have designed. It can be as simple as a picture of a new piece and an update of your commissions, and your travels.


1. The Portland Art Museum will host the ¡§Splendors of Ancient Egypt¡¨ next spring--March 8, l998. This event is hot, on the mummified heels of the ¡§Imperial Tombs of China¡¨ exhibit. Once I have a picture or one of the cats I would like to present them to the gift shop at the museum.
2. Also, I would like to be able to show them pictures of the other pieces you reproduced for the Boston Museum. ( I am enclosing information about the event)
3. We need to create a packet that shows your reproductions; perhaps a letter from the museum and something about you. However, before we can begin this plan of action, I need more information. I realize that the reproductions are on a per job basis but I need some type of price indicator.

4. In regard to reproductions of the silver pieces, such as the life size pieces of the King of Thailand we can explore the possibility of your finding commissions for other dignities and then selling the works.
5. I feel confident we could contact the various embassies in the US and send them the brochure with the picture of the King of Thailand and see if there is a response.
6. I have e-mailed the person who put up the post for a fabricator experienced in reproductions but I have not heard back as yet.
7. We should contact the Seattle Asian Art Museum and see if they may be interested in reproductions.
8. I am sending you a post from fabricators from Florence, Italy who post on the art news groups on the Internet. There has been quite a few responses. Perhaps, we could do the same for you.


1. We need to create a promotional brochure which contains the following: a couple of great pictures of your work, an artists biography and statement, a letter of recommendation, your e-mail address and an Internet address once you get on-line. We would use the finest paper available and be as creative as possible. The brochure or piece should have a section of features and benefits and a ¡§tag line¡¨ which describes your work.
2. We need to create a letter of introduction to galleries, museums. We need to write a letter for your collectors and patrons. Additionally a press release for complete coverage.
3. Do you have slides of your work? Some galleries, etc. will accept multimedia presentations( on a computer disk)
4. We need to order 500 postcards and send them out to the places I mentioned in the above materials. This could be used as a tickler to remind patrons of your work. I am enclosing a sample.
5. We need to find as much free publicity coverage as possible. The following magazines would be perfect, to announce you exhibit in Hong Kong and also write a feature story on your work: Sculpture, Asia-Pacific Sculpture News, Orientations Magazine, Architecture, Editorials Domus ( Milano, Italy),Architectural Digest ( London, England) Architects Journal, and Architectural Review. Also travel magazines such as Conde Nast, Island Home and in flight magazines which would cover your hotel commissions.
6. We need to have coverage in various newspapers such as Illustrated London News and various art magazines such as Art in America.
7. The following is a quote in the magazine The Art Collector June l996 entitled in The Art Market Japan.¡¨. Many young buyers--all economic classes because Japan is an Art oriented society. Japan is like France having a reverence and excitement for the artist. American themes sell well and they like detail. The most popular areas for viewing works is not galleries but a space like an auditorium or public place. Thousands of people show up and treat the artist like a rock star.¡¨ Do you think Hong Kong will give you the same kind of treatment?
8. Once you have your information from the curator, the following are a few sponsors I feel might be interested in your exhibit: American Express, Bank of America, Rolex, Tiffany and Company, a major hotel chain, an airline or a major player on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Can you use your nonprofit status to go after foundation money? Anne, I will have to do some in depth research to come up with a list of twenty possible sponsors for the exhibit. I need more information from you. If I could see the P. R. information from past years. Also, who sponsors Art Asia besides the Art Magazine? Do you have the program? I can research past show advertisements.


1. Use the Internet so you can network with other artists and clients worldwide.
2. Present your work on an on-line gallery and see what happens. I can recommend several. However, in order to have success in regard to selling you work on-line we will have to do much web publicity worldwide on the Internet.
3. In the nutshell, we will have to create a Virtual Publicity Campaign by linking your site to other sites, being listed in various search engines so that if a patron is looking for someone to create sculpture they will be directed to your site. We will need to contribute information in the various news groups and mailing lists in regard to your sculpture site,
4. We would synergize your online marketing with your conventional marketing, making sure the Web site address is always included. The web site should be congruent with the rest of the marketing initiative
5. We can use e-mail to mass-mail press release about your site to editors, writers and new organizations.
6. .I am enclosing the following from the Internet: 1) Infoseek search engine under the listing sculpture 2) Renee Sundaram Bronze Sculptures 3)Van Noorden Sculpture Studios 4) Austin Sculpture 5)Gray Mercer-Sculpture and Contemporary Furniture. 6) ISC Exhibitions Department
7. 7)Image Sculpture 8) The Sagemonoya On-Line Gallery, Kyoto, Japan. 9) Asian Business. and
8. 10) Art Deco Erte Bronze Sculptures on the imall.

Keep up your creative work and your art will always be sought out. Please learn all you can about the Internet and how it works because it will bring you clients worldwide.

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Jeffrey Campbell

6 Years Ago

Excellent information, Jeff! Have already registered with one of your suggestions.


Very cool Jeff.............................................................................................................joined


Shasta Eone

6 Years Ago

Jeff, Thank you for putting this information together and sharing it. Getting one's works seen, known, accepted and appreciated does take consistent effort without a doubt. It doesn't happen via "wishful thinking. "

Again, .... thank you.



Angelina Vick

6 Years Ago

Holy cow...that's a lot of specifics. Thanks for posting!


Alfred Ng

6 Years Ago

I think you should do lot more research before come up with those suggestions.
Yes, Many international airports has art on display but mostly are commissioned by the airport themselves. The selected works came from an art competition, a short listed international artists invited to submit their works to be consider by an art committee. Although there are exhibitions during the years but all the art are provided by the local museums and usually from their collection not by an artist themselves. Not to mention the cost for insurance, shipping and setting it up.

I been to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, like art museums all over the world they have their own curators to organize their own exhibitions It will be almost impossible for an artist just contact them to ask if they can place one of their art in their museum.
Why Hong Kong Art Museum, why not contact the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum of art?
Most major universities have their own art collections; some even have their own museums as well.

Sending works to all those far away places and have them set up cost big money, one need to be a wealthy artist first!


Jeff Lee

6 Years Ago

Alfred -

Good comments, and each and every artist is different and at a different stage but there are certainly ideas that don't cost presented in my post. Remember you can send digital stuff for review for fee now (just reference your site). This particular person for which this was written was at a stage that their art "traction" and these ideas worked for that person.

I hope we can find ideas on how all levels of artist can market their offering as we share ideas.


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