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Janara Hoppock

4 Years Ago

Tagging For Other Countries And Languages

A question was asked whether we should be tagging our photos in Spanish or French so that people in other countries are able to locate and see our pieces. Is it recommended to do that or is that just wasting time. Does FAA automatically translate for people around the world?

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Steven Richardson

4 Years Ago

Janara, Good question. I would like to know the answer to this..


Janara Hoppock

4 Years Ago

I was just advised by someone that there is no translations. In that caseit may be a good idea to put it into translation if you thought it would bring in more views or potential buyers. Someone brought this question up and to be honest it wasn't one I had thought of before. I've seen other countries participating on FAA so maybe it would be a good idea.


Yury Yanin

4 Years Ago

Very interesting question! Never though about that. I thought that FAA is originally an American site, so it is only natural for FAA members and for those, who look at our art here, to use English. I doubt that French or Spanish tags could add a lot of visitors/buyers. The majority of buyers are USA, UK or Australian dwellers and all others are unlikely to come if they can not use English too. May be I am wrong though.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

I don't think it can hurt. I just searched "arbol" (tree in Spanish - without the accent mark) and I got 233 hits here. I have been meaning to put foreign words in my search strings when I have the time. I caution anyone from just using an internet translator unless you're sure of the result (I work in the translation industry), because you can get some doubtful results. In over 30 years in the translation business, I've seen some doozies.


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

I include the British spelling of words in addition to the american spellings.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

Good idea, Heather.


Michelle Calkins

4 Years Ago

yep...i put colour,colourful, etc., but I never have done foreign for thought


John Ayo

4 Years Ago

This raises the question of whether FAA's search indexing function supports special international characters. They don't take apostrophes and such in titles, so could be they restrict characters in keywords as well.


Joshua House

4 Years Ago

Given all the problems the search function has with more then two words in English I can't imagine it does well with special international characters.


Juergen Roth

4 Years Ago

I tried and added some in Spanish, German, Italian, French etc. but haven't seen any sales except from Brazil thereafter ...


Nina Prommer

4 Years Ago

whenever I think of it I put words in that are Italian, French, German, can't hurt and if you have room and know what it is - best to stick to the major keyword/s


Lois Bryan

4 Years Ago

great idea!!!!!


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

Apostrophes work in titles now. Also question marks. I've used both.


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