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Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

Oil Spill

Sandy Aftermath Follow-up.

While I've been comfortably here in Sugarloaf NY, pestering Mike Savad on another thread, my Godson and friend finally went down to my house 4 days ago, to asses the damage, clean-up and safe off the house from further damage.

Little did they know, that the major problem was the oil spill, from all the overturned heating oil tanks, including mine.

Everything to a 5'+ level outside and a 3' level inside was covered with a thick coating of OIL!!

Not only did the two have to deal with the slipping and the sliding, they had to deal with the neighbors that had gas.

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Almost everything was gutted , including the oil furnace and all the drywall up to 4 feet was ripped out and will be replaced next week

Here was the status of my "studio" when they opened the door...5 feet of water turned everything as you can see upside down. Stuff floated up and stuff came crashing down.

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I plan to go back to Long Island tomorrow, staying at my sister's house, dealing with FEMA, and dealing with this hole in my head.

I know it was a lot worse on Staten Island and the Jersey Shore,..But I think I enough to deal with at my place.

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