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Dawn Noble

4 Years Ago

Lovely Group

What an awful night... I started a discussion on selling work and how long it took to sell... someone decided to take all my art and post it on the discussion page with a comment after each one....full pelt critism ... really upsetting, I can take good constructive but not demeaning horrible... so thought I would just delete the account.. Im going to have a think about it and sleep on it and decide in the morning whats best to do.... you guys all emailed lovely encouraging emails and I really appreciate that... you are so right.... I guess we have to take the good with the bad on every site.

but theres no need for nastyness and snobbery, we are all here for the same thing :).

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Hartmut Jager

4 Years Ago

You are right Dawn,
We do have to take the good with the bad, but it is upsetting when we become the target of some spiteful person,
who is unable to function in a civilized and polite way with fellow artists; anyone really.
Nastiness and Snobbery have no place on FAA, in fact nowhere.
I would suggest to the person, who made those nasty and demeaning remarks about your art, to leave FAA
and then seek psychological help.

All the best, Hartmut :-)


Cynthia Adams

4 Years Ago

It seems there are people in this world who are hell bent on causing trouble..they probably spoil for a fight to just get attention Dawn.

I agree with Harmut reagrding Psychological help for them.

One rotten apple in a barrel almost cost us this group and I wish I knew who had done this as I would have no qualms about giving them a piece of my mind.:)

So come on's time to get this group livened up.xx


James Michael Johnson

4 Years Ago

We all see the world differently and interpret our vision in our art. Those who would demean another artist using vitriolic slander disquised as criticism are individuals who suffer from very low self esteem twisting their human soul into a demented creature not unlike Gollum in Tolkien's epic saga. Dismiss them and offer them no reaction to feed their vampiric disease. Relegate them to oblivion.

In speaking of sales, I first thought FAA was a longshot, there being so many artists represented. But in the last few months I have sold one of my originals. It was a landscape in the southwest bought by an environmental attorney. Who knows how he found me and this painting on FAA but he did. So be encouraged. Someone out there wants your art in particular over everything else posted on the site!

I quite enjoy seeing all the work in this group. It inspires, it delights, it makes happy the heart! Keep it up Dawn! And, in the spirit of that great British statesman, Winston Churchill, a painter himself, I have adopted his advice, paying no attention to the snips of those who wish to belittle my efforts- "KBO!" "Keep bungling on!" and that is what i propose to do.


Dawn Noble

4 Years Ago

Lets not be the same as the "critique" himself...lets forget about him and enjoy our little group, Im so grateful and touched by everyones kindness... so yes, lets shake the group up and hey anyone who has any ideas for showing our works, please feel free to start a discussion :)
There is so many beautiful art works in our group.. lets show the world! :))


Barbara Jewell

4 Years Ago

Dear Dawn,

After viewing your galleries in all their beauty and diversity of subject matter and medium, I now know that the person who was so INCREDIBLY rude was even more ignorant than I first thought, if that's possible. He/she may have unknowingly done you a favor in the long run, if lots of folks look through your galleries to see what the fuss was all about, and come away impressed with the quality of your lovely work! Obviously you have already had success with sales and positive feedback. Here's hoping this negative experience may bring you even more good things in the end! So glad you didn't hand over control to that fool.

I recently entered a contest where the purpose was to enter one piece on which we had received little to no feedback through comments. Part of the "rules" was to give as many comments as possible on the images submitted, and in return, hope to receive some as well. I thought that was a GREAT idea for a contest, and thoroughly enjoyed the give and take of those who entered. Maybe this group could do something like that in the near future! The mutual support of the FAA artists, to me, is one of the best features of the site.


Dawn Noble

4 Years Ago

Thankyou so much Barbara, I appreciate not everyone will be drawn to my work.. infact I can accept that, what I couldnt accept was him posting all the ones he critisized infront of several people... it felt like a public humiliation... I know I could never do that no matter how much I didnt like someones work.. I would rather keep quiet and say nothing than insult someone. But anyway its over and done and yes we should deffinately look to start a little promotion taslk so that everyone should get a comment and vote and work shared...
I will start a new topic about this and hopefully people will join in :))


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