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Howard Heywood

4 Years Ago

Pricing Is All Wrong...

I did a bulk edit on my pricing but it seems to have buggered it all up...

Is this a known bug? Does it take time for the changes to ripple through?

If I look at my camel shot below, rates for the images are LESS than the rate that I asked for. But not consistent.
Art Prints

If I go to edit the images, the pricing is correct.

I'm loosely aware that there should be a difference in the base price and the base price should be higher than what I want to make, since obviously FAA apply markup. But in some cases the presented price is less.

Is this a known issue? Does the bulk edit not work?

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Did you use this page I have not seen a ticket from you in tech support

The TS found out they had seen the prices logged in instead of being logged out so this thread was solved.



C Ribet

4 Years Ago

At the moment Jan 24 2013, bulk edit does not even work properly for two images at a time. Two only.


Stuart Turnbull

4 Years Ago

I tried bulk price editing yesterday.
My new prices seemed to be ok but the available sizes were duplicated.
Also, the preview thumbnails and dimensions changed from rectangle to square. (8x8, 10x10, 12x12 etc.)

I emailed support but of course with the world ending, and it being a weekend, I haven't heard anything back from them.

I just re-applied the bulk price change and all appears normal again.


You put in whatever you are expecting to earn for that sale.

The prices are a collaboration of

What you put in your markup
$5 up to $50 markup and then +10%
Our Printing costs

Your markup is whatever you want it to be and is what you will earn if there is a sale

Here is a basic price list

Log OUT to see what customers see as you are seeing your own purchase costs when logged in

Hope this helps



Tanja Beaver

4 Years Ago

I tried to bulk price and somehow lost my print, visitor counts everything that had to do with that print. I ended up uploading another copy, but still wondering where the first one went


Ursula Freer

4 Years Ago

My bulk prices are different from the ones seen on the site! They are much higher ($39 instead of $29). I have edited them many times but nothing changes. I have been sending help requests (five), I usually get general information but my problem is not addressed. Is there something else I can do? Is there an access to tech help?


Howard Heywood

4 Years Ago

Never mind. I am an idiot. I was looking on multiple devices and mixed up logged in devices and not logged in devices somehow. Hence the discount.


Howard Heywood

4 Years Ago


Looking at both. So if I say I want to make $100 on a print, the price for the print can to be less than $100, right? It must be $100. Plus some margin for FAA. So for the shot above, in 8x10, what price does it show you for the print only?


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

I've bulk edited my prices, and it worked exactly as expected. Are you looking at the prices based on your profit, or on total cost. Pricing on FAA is done based on your profit. Printing, shipping, and material fees cannot be addressed directly in FAA pricing. You can just tell how much money YOU want for each size print.


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