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Isabella F Abbie Shores

7 Years Ago

New Members - Links To Frequently Asked Questions And Help

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Thanks Linda...If there are any other 'always asked' questions, would people let me know and I will add them.


Crikey :-) I am so glad it helps!! I dont mind one little bit LOL Thank you :-)


Added Tips from Christine on resizing of images, or choice of software.
Software found to be good at reducing large digital images for use on FAA without losing clarity,
what is the best image format to start off with before reduction, jpg , png, tiff etc.


Thank you :-)

Added the great post 'Questions for professional Oil Painters'


Add the How to transport artwork thread


I have added pastel painting protection


ah well, with your help we can keep this near :-)


Sure is, and hopefully this will help stop the double posting we get so that the discussions are scattered :-)


Added the post about titles and using symbols (the original one not the new one)


Added about RAW files. Will be sectioning this into better categories soon so people can find things easier.


Bump Added Greeting Cards


I hope he will when he gets time :-)



People are always asking the same questions again and again, so I am making this post and perhaps regulars would bookmark it to send new members to? Would .......................

Nah cant be bothered LOL



Very welcome Helen :-) I keep meaning to order it better so people can find what they need immediately... I will try and get time to do that today ! SOmeone remind me LOL


Ok have sorted it into little chapters. Hope this helps a little.


Added section on Contests on FAA


Added, Im getting Spam leading direct to Elizabeth's thread but my post on what to do


You are very welcome, lady of the MOST excellent name :)


Christie Arms

7 Years Ago

What about about like how to cancel POD if not interesting in 30 day trial?


email accounts at and they will cancel it. Make sure you let them know what you want cancelled.
If you want to close your account at FAA totally, even the free one, email the same address (subject: account cancellation) and they will take everything off for you.

This is on the actual site FAQ page at which is for all the gallery stuff


Dindin Coscolluela

7 Years Ago

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the help. Whenever I get lost at FAA, I always refer to your FAQ.

Good day and Happy Painting always :) Dindin


:) Glad it is doing its job

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Check the FB app is off any Fanpages you do not want it on by going into the pages settings / Apps and deleting FAA if it is there


Only by seeing it being used somewhere. Use Google Images to do reverse searches


A member has organised this for me so will be adding the new look soon


Sharon Duguay

3 Months Ago



Hugo Cruz

3 Months Ago

I cannot find anywhere on the system where I can upload new art/images to sell into my collections. I imagine this feature would be in "Behind the Scenes" but I clicked on every option and could not find it.

Also, this Behind the Scenes page has a header saying, "Welcome to your control panel. The navigation menu, above, provides access to all of the available member features." ... However, I could NOT find the "navigation menu" you referred to ... The only navigation menus I noticed, above, were the standard menus (from Shop ... About" and the top menu "Art .... Discover".

Please reply as soon as possible. I would like to start uploading art.

Thank you


Hugo Cruz

3 Months Ago

Do you offer ROES upload? How can a photographer offer images (whether on metal or photographic paper) in sizes as large as 40"x60" if they are limited to a 25mb image size? Even quality 32"x48" images are ~90mb. Why is the maximum upload cap so low at 25mb? How can this be bypassed?

In order to get quality, large format, products out to customers, upload maximum needs to be significantly increased.

Thank you


Andee Design

3 Months Ago



Jenette Snyder

3 Months Ago

Am I not considered a member until I upgrade to premium membership?


Jubi AND Kanika

3 Months Ago

How do I upload an avatar? Please let me know.


Michael Hoard

2 Months Ago

Greetings Abbie, today I recently uploaded three new images. I then went to the daily new activity uploads and while I was reviewing other members upload I noticed a members photos so I clicked both the photo and then also his name, yet when you do that it brought me to an account collections. The individual name does not even appear on the member account but titled a collections account. Why is that occurring? Does this mean the member may have more than one account?

Thanks, Michael Hoard


Andee Design

2 Months Ago

You may need to post a thread if you have certain question you need answered that you can not find the answer to in the main post.


Robert Holden

2 Months Ago

I don't see where to start a new thread, so I'm posting this here. I've been uploading images to my still life collection in the past week or so and now on occasion when I submit an image it doesn't register but redirects immediately to the homepage of a member with the same last name who doesn't seem to yet have any images uploaded. I've tried to upload the same image, but get the same redirection to that member's homepage, although I am still logged in to my profile page. The image I'm trying to upload is nowhere to be found. Why is that happening?


I have forwarded this message to our technical support team. They will get back to you with a response via e-mail and will continue to troubleshoot this for you using our support ticket system.


Robert Holden

2 Months Ago

Thank you, Isabella.


Robert Holden

2 Months Ago

Sorry for the double post.


Joe Schweitzer

2 Months Ago

Art Prints


Joe Schweitzer

2 Months Ago

Art Prints


Joe Schweitzer

2 Months Ago

Art Prints


Robert Holden

2 Months Ago

Thank you for your email reply, Barbara. I didn't see my problem on the FAQ list so posted here. I also sent an email to technical support and hope that will solve my problem, the first major glitch I've had, other than understanding that simply hitting "change" to replace an image with an edited one does not do the job in and of itself, although one would normally expect that to be the case. Also, does starting a new thread on this discussion forum just mean addressing Isabella, or is there another procedure?


Bill Posner

2 Months Ago

I have a newbie question. I've been on the site a few days, and all seems really straight forward and easy to setup. I notice there are some collections that appear sometimes on a window on the top of the main FAA site, such as Is there an article, or some explanation how to get images into these collections? Do we use keywords o
Thanks so much



The big collections are staff curated. There's nothing members can do to get in them except be noticed.

Keep uploading and advertising. Don't spam keywords but just use ones that fit. Make sure all images are printable.

That's it :)


Everyone, I'm still working on the new format for this thread. When I've finished adding the links I'll post anew


L Cecka

2 Months Ago

I have 35 pages. What happens to excess images that go beyond the page limit?


L Cecka

2 Months Ago



L Cecka

2 Months Ago

Crazy PC


Eric Tischler

2 Months Ago

Hi all, new here and have a couple of easy questions...

What are the rules for selling photos with brands in them? For example, say I have a shot of McDonald's golden arches or maybe a macro shot of my iphone. Is listing these kinds of shots for sale a no-no? I know stock photo sites prohibit it, but that's for commercial use, so not sure if there's a difference.

Second, what's a "normal" markup to add to the base prices? I just left everything at the defaults for now. Thanks for the tips!


Art Cole

1 Month Ago

Can you have more than one domain name point to a premium site? Have one and would like to add an earlier registered domain that I lost my host for to also point and go to my premiums site on FAA.

Currently it appears you can only have one custom domain inputted?


I thought I had closed this thread.

I will answer these in the new one



This discussion is closed.

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