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Commercial Licenses

Effective March 15th, 2014

In addition to selling print-on-demand products (e.g. canvas prints, greeting cards, iPhone cases, etc.), Contributors to Fine Art America also have the ability to sell licenses to their images.

Fine Art America offers one Royalty-Free License and a variety of Rights-Managed Licenses. Contributors get to choose whether or not they want to sell licenses to their images, which licenses they want to sell, and how much they want to charge for each license.

All currently available licenses are listed, below. Fine Art America reserves the right to add licenses, delete licenses, and change the terms of existing licenses at any time.

Royalty-Free License

With a Royalty-Free License, the buyer (i.e. licensee) gains significant rights to use the licensed image in perpetuity with very few restrictions.

Royalty-Free License

Rights-Managed License

With an Rights-Managed License, the buyer (i.e. licensee) has no rights to the licensed image except for those limited rights that are specifically granted in the license document. Our currently available Rights-Managed Licenses are listed, below:

Advertisements (Digital)

Advertisements (Print)

Advertisements (TV)

Merchandise (Digital)

Merchandise (Large)

Merchandise (Medium)

Merchandise (Small)



Publishing (Digital)

Publishing (Print)

Custom Rights-Managed Licenses

Image Contributors to Fine Art America also have the ability to create their own rights-managed licenses using language and terms of their own creation.