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Connie Handscomb - I Pick You

I Pick You

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Deepa Sahoo Absolutely love this beautiful work Connie.:))) L/F

20 Seconds Ago

Connie Handscomb - Splash The Sky With Springtime

Splash The Sky With Springtime

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Deepa Sahoo What a perfect title for this amazing work Connie! L/F

1 Minute Ago

Lenore Senior - Alas Poor Yorich

Alas Poor Yorich

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju Excellent effect of color and fantastic textures in this creation! L/F

1 Minute Ago

Connie Handscomb - Starlight In The Meadow

Starlight In The Meadow

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Deepa Sahoo Simply amazing capture Connie! L/F

2 Minutes Ago

Lenore Senior - Virginia Dale, Colorado

Virginia Dale, Colorado

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju Fabulous work of art! Love the way you did the trees and house. L/F

3 Minutes Ago

Robin Zygelman - Mother

Mother's Day Lily

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Robin Zygelman Sorin, Thank you so much!

3 Minutes Ago

Connie Handscomb - The Oracle

The Oracle

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Deepa Sahoo Connie,What a wonderful capture!!! L/F

3 Minutes Ago

Linsey Williams - From Castle Crag Cumbria

From Castle Crag Cumbria

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Denise Dube That is quite the drop, beautifully captured

3 Minutes Ago

Arlene Babad - Mountain Color

Mountain Color

Boriana Giormova Great artwork!

3 Minutes Ago

Anita Vivaldo - Beauty in a Moment

Beauty in a Moment

Sorin Apostolescu Beautiful work !

3 Minutes Ago

Vanessa Ortiz - Mi Frida

Mi Frida

Robin Zygelman Fabulous portrait of Frida! Beautiful colors!

4 Minutes Ago

Carol Groenen - Dance with Me

Dance with Me

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Carol Groenen Thank you very much, Jeanie!

4 Minutes Ago

Malanda Warner - Peonies in Sepia

Peonies in Sepia

Deepa Sahoo Malanda, I love this sepia version too.:))) Great work!! L/F

5 Minutes Ago

Marsha Heiken - Pansies and Friends

Pansies and Friends

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju A fabulous arrangement and an excellent unique picture! L/F

6 Minutes Ago

Jane Gatward - Old Mill On The River Chess

Old Mill On The River Chess

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Jane Gatward Dear Don, What lovely comments! You brought a smile to my day! Thank you so much and also for your great support, it is very much appreciated! Warmest regards, Jane.:))

6 Minutes Ago

Malanda Warner - Purple Peony Passion

Purple Peony Passion

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Deepa Sahoo Wow!!! Gorgeous painting Malanda! L/F

6 Minutes Ago

Galina Khlupina - Watercolor Abstraction

Watercolor Abstraction

Leanne Seymour Great color in this abstract artwork! f/l/voted

7 Minutes Ago

Malanda Warner - Peony Explosion

Peony Explosion

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Deepa Sahoo Malanda, Simply amazing painting!!! Absolutely love the colors and details!! L/F

8 Minutes Ago

Donna Kennedy - Great Egret

Great Egret

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju Fabulous flight of an Egret and a wonderful capture! Love the sky colors and your processing. L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Brian Tada - On Wings of Splendor

On Wings of Splendor

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Hazel Holland Love the back lighting in this amazing egret capture, Brian! Gorgeous! L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Deb Breton - 1949 Buick Super 8 Convertible

1949 Buick Super 8 Convertible

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Brian Tada Gorgeous work, Deb... a very lovely portrait of this gleaming classic with the breathtaking ocean view. Really like this ... magnificent! F/L

10 Minutes Ago

Sunil Kapadia - SKN 1380 Rising Admiration

SKN 1380 Rising Admiration

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Johanna Hurmerinta Beautiful and wonderful. Peaceful. Love the glow around the Centophs! LF

11 Minutes Ago

Cindy Treger - Bearded Iris With A Face

Bearded Iris With A Face

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Deepa Sahoo What a great capture Cindy!! Love it! L/F

11 Minutes Ago

Lynn Bauer - Canoe Into The Blue

Canoe Into The Blue

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Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt 789 club art district! tweeting!!

11 Minutes Ago

Laurie Cairone - Gamma Burst

Gamma Burst

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Leanne Seymour Revisiting this stunning artwork and abstract.....just love the way you use color and form in your artworks! f/l/voted

11 Minutes Ago

Betty Denise - Sheer Zinnia

Sheer Zinnia

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Robin Zygelman I really like the softness that the curtain gave this image. Well done!

11 Minutes Ago

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - zen monastery on orbital station, Jupiter

zen monastery on orbital station, Jupiter

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Yuka Ogava Outstanding combination of traditional and futuristic. Great work!

12 Minutes Ago

Gloria Ssali - Slain In The Holy Spirit

Slain In The Holy Spirit

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju So beautiful and colorful!! Wonderful style of work. L/F

12 Minutes Ago

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt - Lovers Gaze

Lovers Gaze

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Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt thank you for the feature in ABC Group T is for Two, Pam! 5/22/17

13 Minutes Ago

Joel Bruce Wallach - Beckoning Woods

Beckoning Woods

Deepa Sahoo Joel, A perfect title for this amazing work! L/F

14 Minutes Ago

Breena Briggeman - Moon Bathing

Moon Bathing

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Breena Briggeman Thank You 😊 very much!

15 Minutes Ago

Marsha Reeves - Happy Place

Happy Place

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Johanna Hurmerinta A wonderful watercolor! LF

16 Minutes Ago

Peggy Johnson - Tulip Sunrise

Tulip Sunrise

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Johanna Hurmerinta Revisit. Wonderful, colorful painting, Peggy! LF

17 Minutes Ago

Jane Gatward - Zooming Lights

Zooming Lights

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Jane Gatward Thank you Leif , I very much appreciate your lovely comments.

16 Minutes Ago

TN Fairey - Pink on black

Pink on black

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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju Very striking Pink flowers on Back background!!L/F

18 Minutes Ago

Edgar Pretorius - Xhosa Woman

Xhosa Woman

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Breena Briggeman So much talent! Beautiful work! LF Following

18 Minutes Ago

Jill Nightingale - Iridescent


Philip Harvey Who's a pretty boy then. :)

19 Minutes Ago

Guido Strambio - Glowing fruit 2

Glowing fruit 2

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Johanna Hurmerinta Fantastic fruit still life, Guido! LF

19 Minutes Ago

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