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Debra Lynch - Lovely Crocus in Abstract

Lovely Crocus in Abstract

Michael Mirijan Very nice composition, dear honored member Debra. I missed you my friend.

32 Seconds Ago

Carol R Montoya - Waters Along Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Waters Along Roaring Fork Motor Trail

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HH Photography of Florida A beautiful woodland capture, Carol. Nice exposure on the water. l/fv

57 Seconds Ago

Jan Matson - Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies

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Miroslava Jurcik Wow, this is amazing !!! l/f

1 Minute Ago

Donna Cook - You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

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Connie Handscomb Super , Donna! radiates Happiness & good feelings; love it! :))

1 Minute Ago

Sandra Church - Sun Gone Green

Sun Gone Green

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Sandra Church Thanks for the feature in your group, "Exclusively Drawings and Paintings", Jim, appreciate it!

1 Minute Ago

Andrew Brixey - Fan Dance

Fan Dance

Marvin Spates I love the patterns and shapes you got in this awesome shot Andrew!!! LF

2 Minutes Ago

Zina Stromberg - Orange painted hibiscus

Orange painted hibiscus

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Amanda Frazier Rhode This is as good as it gets... Exceptional! l/f

2 Minutes Ago

Jerry Bokowski -  Art studio

Art studio

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Lisa Kaiser I found it, I'm trying to convince my husband that black walls for the gallery are awesome. Great job, Jerry!

2 Minutes Ago

Mary Raven - The universe of dreams

The universe of dreams

HH Photography of Florida Beautiful abstract. Love the colors.

2 Minutes Ago

Debbie Oppermann - Spring Woods

Spring Woods

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Phyllis Taylor Beautiful landscape image!

2 Minutes Ago

Donna Cook - Espresso 2

Espresso 2

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Connie Handscomb This is so nice, Donna! so warm & inviting ... :))

2 Minutes Ago

Toni Abdnour - Four Robins in Waiting

Four Robins in Waiting

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Phyllis Taylor Lovely......a sure sign of spring!

2 Minutes Ago

Malanda Warner - Rudbeckia


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Phyllis Taylor Lovely watercolor painting! Well done.

3 Minutes Ago

Sharon McConnell - Pink Petals

Pink Petals

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Ann Skelton Beautiful Sharon! L/F

3 Minutes Ago

Meg Rousher - Is Your Food Fighting Back

Is Your Food Fighting Back

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Marvin Spates Lol this is such a remarkable photo Meg!!! LF

3 Minutes Ago

Michael Lazaridis - Dragonfly


Gary Wing Nice shot Michael! Great focus.

4 Minutes Ago

David Griffith - Minstral


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Phyllis Taylor Awesome digital work!

4 Minutes Ago

Pamela Williams - Magnoia Bloom II BWP

Magnoia Bloom II BWP

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Phyllis Taylor Lovely capture....beautiful pink colors!

5 Minutes Ago

Swedish Attitude Design - Feast Abstract Water Disorder

Feast Abstract Water Disorder

Swedish Attitude Design Ty , Im new so im little bit unsecure what to do now hihi -should i get in to the group and promote other artwork or how is this work.

5 Minutes Ago

Jim Rehlin -  Apple Blossoms I

Apple Blossoms I

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Phyllis Taylor Lovely painting.....well done!

5 Minutes Ago

Pamela Williams - Pink Popcorn

Pink Popcorn

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Phyllis Taylor Beautiful floral image!

6 Minutes Ago

Alisha Jurgens - Sun Set

Sun Set

Michael Eingle Love all the soft muted colors in this very peaceful scene! Very nice Alisha! l/f

7 Minutes Ago

Chris Horsnell - Crummock Water

Crummock Water

Marvin Spates What a beautiful view and photo Chris!!! LF

7 Minutes Ago

Chris Horsnell - Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike

Marvin Spates I love this delightful image Chris!!! LF

8 Minutes Ago

Wallaroo Images - Inferno


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Connie Handscomb Superb! these colours sizzle, Wallaroo! :))

8 Minutes Ago

Khalid Saeed - Doodle


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Diann Fisher Stunning Khalid! This is just wonderful!!! (l/f)

7 Minutes Ago

Amy Jackson - Sunset at Denbigh Pier II

Sunset at Denbigh Pier II

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Marvin Spates Wow, wow, wow this is amazingly beautiful Amy!!! What a awesome shot!!! LF

9 Minutes Ago

Elena Ivanova IvEA - Oriental motif. Version 4

Oriental motif. Version 4

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Jim Williams Magic Carpet Ride! Featured on WHAT Interrobang. LF

9 Minutes Ago

Joy McAdams - Tiny


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Ann Skelton Beautiful capture Joy! L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Wallaroo Images - Wine And Roses

Wine And Roses

Connie Handscomb Gorgeous! absolutely love the femininity here & your artwork ...; your quotation suits perfectly ..:))

9 Minutes Ago

Mafalda Cento - Palm Stripes

Palm Stripes

ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams Very nice eye for the patterns and shapes Mafalda! Nicely composed with pretty color contrast! V/twt/ Pamela

10 Minutes Ago

Wallaroo Images - Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding In Plain Sight

Connie Handscomb Your textures are executed masterfully , Wallaroo ... I'm a bookworm, so I can identify .. the world disappears around me when I'm engrossed ..;))

10 Minutes Ago

Geraldine Scull - Grounds For Sculptures Hamilton Nj

Grounds For Sculptures Hamilton Nj

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Miroslava Jurcik This sound like am amazing place to visit, awesome artwork !!! l/f

11 Minutes Ago

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