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New Comments for Tuesday, February 20th


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Darin Williams - Teetering


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Darin Williams Thank you dearly, Kim!

49 Seconds Ago

Basant Soni - Tribal Beauty

Tribal Beauty

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Mark A Brown Masterful composition Basant! Excellent work!

1 Minute Ago

Kim Tran - Flowers Arrangement

Flowers Arrangement

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Darin Williams Fabulous painting, Kim! Love the colors and texture of the petals! l/f

1 Minute Ago

Jimmy Carender - Driver

Driver's Seat

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Jimmy Carender Thank you for your comment Ella.

1 Minute Ago

Rosita Larsson - Watching You

Watching You

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Rosita Larsson Thank you very much Don Pedro! Wish you a wonderful new week!!

3 Minutes Ago

Jane Small - Mountain Reverence

Mountain Reverence

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Donna Kennedy I think the comments below say everything about this amazing work of art dear Jane, such beautiful colors and mountain landscape are breathtaking indeed!! Outstanding painting as always my friend!

3 Minutes Ago

Laura Lee Zanghetti - The Glory

The Glory

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Laura Lee Zanghetti I truly appreciate the feature Lori!

4 Minutes Ago

Kim Tran - Camouflaged


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Darin Williams Fabulous color and composition in this beautiful painting, Kim! l/f/tw

5 Minutes Ago

Carol Japp - Gilding The Lily

Gilding The Lily

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Jill Lang This is my favorite! The colors are just incredible. l/f

5 Minutes Ago

Joan Carroll - Man in Trinidad Cuba

Man in Trinidad Cuba

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Mark A Brown Wonderful portrait Joan!

5 Minutes Ago

Carol Japp - Pretty Umbrellas in Carouge Geneva

Pretty Umbrellas in Carouge Geneva

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Jill Lang Oh my gosh, I love this! Your work is so pretty. l/f

6 Minutes Ago

Bob Cuthbert - Canyon Junction, Zion

Canyon Junction, Zion

Mark A Brown Picture perfect postcard Bob! Striking scene! Very well done!

6 Minutes Ago

Darin Williams - Scrub


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Darin Williams Thank you so much, Kim!

6 Minutes Ago

Mark A Brown - Astronomer

Astronomer's Paradise

Karen Stahlros Stunning capture!! l/f

7 Minutes Ago

Jill Lang - Old Jail

Old Jail

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Jill Lang Thank you, Carol!

7 Minutes Ago

Randy Burns - Winter In The Garden of Eden

Winter In The Garden of Eden

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Darin Williams Fabulous portrayal of this beautiful landscape! l/f/tw

7 Minutes Ago

Karen Stahlros - Purple Swirl

Purple Swirl

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Mark A Brown Excellent macro work Karen! Excellent still-life composition.

7 Minutes Ago

Syed Muhammad Munir ul Haq - Seeds of Gold

Seeds of Gold

Donna Kennedy Fantastic macro Syed, wonderful color and detail...L

8 Minutes Ago

Meg Shearer - Calla Lilies in Bloom

Calla Lilies in Bloom

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Bob Orsillo My favorite flower, they are elegant with a touch of mystery and romance L/F

9 Minutes Ago

John S - Mobike Washington D C

Mobike Washington D C

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Darin Williams Intriguing perspective! Lovely shot! l/f

9 Minutes Ago

Nikolyn McDonald - Sand Pattern Abstract - 2

Sand Pattern Abstract - 2

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Kathy M Krause Awesome capture Nikolyn! Beautiful patterns and textures with shadows and light! Love the details! L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Sunil Kapadia - SKN 6457 Farmer

SKN 6457 Farmer's Yield Color.

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Donna Kennedy Fantastic color and light Sunil!...L

9 Minutes Ago

Debbie Oppermann - Abstract Swirl Hibiscus Flower

Abstract Swirl Hibiscus Flower

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Mark A Brown Wonderfully bold image - nice work!

9 Minutes Ago

Hans Zimmer - ELTZ castle

ELTZ castle

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Hans Zimmer Such a huge compliment! Wow! Thank you so much, dear Darin - i feel honored, very(!) appreciated! Have a great day and best regards -H.D.Z.(Hans):o)

8 Minutes Ago

Panos Pliassas - 7001 - Sunset Colors

7001 - Sunset Colors

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Mark A Brown Beautiful color and silhouette!

11 Minutes Ago

Rosita Larsson - Hen


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Rosita Larsson Thank you very much Don Pedro!

11 Minutes Ago

Stuart Litoff - Buick LaSalle Door Handle

Buick LaSalle Door Handle

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Mark A Brown Cool capture Stuart - nicely done in black and white.

11 Minutes Ago

Mary Wolf - Into The Light

Into The Light

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Bob Orsillo I do enjoy your wonderful colors Mary! Sense of motion draws you right into to this painting! L/F

12 Minutes Ago

Rosita Larsson - The tired

The tired

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Rosita Larsson Thank you very much Don Pedro! For your kind words and support!!

12 Minutes Ago

Evelyn Tambour - Sacred Land

Sacred Land

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Donna Kennedy Beautiful craggy mountain landscape Evelyn!

13 Minutes Ago

Nikolyn McDonald - Sand Pattern Abstract - 1

Sand Pattern Abstract - 1

Kathy M Krause Love this beautiful capture Nikolyn! I'm going to keep my eyes more alert the next time I'm driving down the road! Thank you so much for sharing! L/F

13 Minutes Ago

R W Goetting - Primativo II

Primativo II

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Chava Silverman Brilliant and magical grapes!

14 Minutes Ago

Rosita Larsson -  Headshot


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Rosita Larsson Thank you very much Don Pedro!

14 Minutes Ago

Darrell MacIver - Sunday March 26 2017

Sunday March 26 2017

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Donna Kennedy Fantastic shot Darrell, looks cold and windy for sure!...L

15 Minutes Ago

Tom Claud - First Launch

First Launch

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Tom Claud Thank You, Debby!

15 Minutes Ago

Hans Zimmer - PYRMONT castle

PYRMONT castle

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Hans Zimmer Hello dear Darin :o) So good to hear from you again! Thank you big time for comming back, your wonderful words of praise, your precious time and your support of course. So very appreciated! Have a great day and best regards -H.D.Z.(Hans) :o)

10 Minutes Ago

Chris Fletcher - Harsh Mountainous Country

Harsh Mountainous Country

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Karen Stahlros Another wonderfully moody capture! l/f

7 Minutes Ago

R W Goetting - Barco rabelo

Barco rabelo

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Chava Silverman What a beautiful magnificent painting, Bob!

15 Minutes Ago

Henryk Gorecki - Pansies in the vase

Pansies in the vase

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Barbara Moak Very nice, Henryk. Nice composition, light and color,

16 Minutes Ago

Geraldine Scull - Feeling green

Feeling green

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Rosita Larsson Revisiting and tweeting Geri

16 Minutes Ago

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