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Gordon Ogilvie - Wherelse


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Gordon Ogilvie Debolina,thank you very very kindly for the Wonderful compliment,Ciao Bella

5 Minutes Ago

Jane See - A Day Of Dream

A Day Of Dream

VIVA Anderson Beautiful, Jane...truly dreamy......compliments, fv.....VIVA

6 Minutes Ago

Colin Hunt - 10192 Cabbage White Butterfly

10192 Cabbage White Butterfly

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VIVA Anderson Compliments, kudos, Colin.......this is the most beautiful image I have ever seen of the butterfly and its wonderful floral bush.......................fv..........VIVA

8 Minutes Ago

Jeannie Rhode - FoxFire


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Johanna Hurmerinta A wonderful capture of the water lily! LF

10 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Purple Tulip 3

Purple Tulip 3

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Johanna Hurmerinta Jeannie, thank you so much!

11 Minutes Ago

Bonnie Mason - Song of Spring

Song of Spring

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Johanna Hurmerinta An adorable painting Bonnie! LF

11 Minutes Ago

Megan Martens - Kalalau Views

Kalalau Views

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Johanna Hurmerinta Great pow and what a view! LF

12 Minutes Ago

Heather King - Balancing Talent

Balancing Talent

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Johanna Hurmerinta Magnificent owl capture, Heather! LF G+

12 Minutes Ago

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Fading Light

Fading Light

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Johanna Hurmerinta The use of light and color is fantastic Lisa! LF pinned

13 Minutes Ago

Mona Stut - Those Golden Times

Those Golden Times

Joan Carroll very nice!

13 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Orangestriped Triggerfish

Orangestriped Triggerfish

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Johanna Hurmerinta Lisa, Bukunolami, Judy, Birgit, Heather, Judy, Linda, Lance, John, Anna, Barbara, Terry, Leif, Delphimages, Soraya, HH, Kay and John - thank you!

15 Minutes Ago

Gull G - Ballerina Dance 00943

Ballerina Dance 00943

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Michael Hoard Greetings and Congratulations Gull!! Your magnificent, exquisite and masterful painting oil on canvas composition titled "Ballerina Dance 00943" has been featured on the group home page Music CD Cover Designs!!! This exceptional and extraordinary...

15 Minutes Ago

Valerie Dauce - Soft sea

Soft sea

Joan Carroll very calming!

16 Minutes Ago

Jim Cook - Bewitching Detritus

Bewitching Detritus

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Johanna Hurmerinta Fantastic setting and reflections! LF pinned

17 Minutes Ago

Leif Sohlman - Black Tones #g7

Black Tones #g7

Valerie Dauce Very nice Leif

18 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Passion 3

Passion 3

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Johanna Hurmerinta Heidi, Jim, Allen and Art - thank you!

18 Minutes Ago

Tone Plassen - Messenger


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Johanna Hurmerinta Wonderful pastel! LF

19 Minutes Ago

Delphimages Photo Creations - Circle sky

Circle sky

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Valerie Dauce I love clouds, great creative way to represent them

19 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Let Me Shine

Let Me Shine

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Johanna Hurmerinta Bukunolami, Rebecca, Jeff, John, Cathy, Teresa, Linda, Tom, Phyllis, Terri, Delphimages, Kristina, Pam, Terry, Lisa, John, Cindy, Rudy, Joan, Tone - big thank you!

20 Minutes Ago

Michael Hoard - Armageddon The Wrath Of Hurricane Irma

Armageddon The Wrath Of Hurricane Irma

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Michael Hoard Greetings Rebecca, thank you so much for the feature of Armageddon The Wrath Of hurricane Irma in the group Pin Me I sure appreciate this, Cheers, Michael Hoard

20 Minutes Ago

Cindy Treger - Dull Beauty - Female Tree Swallow

Dull Beauty - Female Tree Swallow

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Johanna Hurmerinta Wonderfu lcloseup and capture of the tree swallow! LF

21 Minutes Ago

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Fireweed in the Tetons

Fireweed in the Tetons

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Johanna Hurmerinta Great pow, landscape, composition and colors! LF

22 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Glorious Yellow Rose

Glorious Yellow Rose

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Johanna Hurmerinta John, Heather, Neal, Lisa - thank you!

22 Minutes Ago

Andy J Gill - Gateway to Loch Lomond

Gateway to Loch Lomond

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Johanna Hurmerinta Stunning use of light! This image is amazing! LF

23 Minutes Ago

Andy Young - Ringed


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Andy Young Thank you Mario! Really appreciated!! :-)

24 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Magical Sunset In Africa

Magical Sunset In Africa

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Johanna Hurmerinta John, George, Joan, Delphimages, Andy, Leif, Stephen, Malanda, Heather and Jasna - thank you!

24 Minutes Ago

Barbara Zahno - Flowery Poetry

Flowery Poetry

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Pavitha Ashwin Beautiful Aster Barbara!!l/f

27 Minutes Ago

Pamela Moran - Chrysanthemum


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Pavitha Ashwin Nice image Pamela!! L/F

28 Minutes Ago

Debra Banks - Dramatic  Encounters Collection 07

Dramatic Encounters Collection 07

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Johanna Hurmerinta Such a beautiful image with great colors and light! LF

30 Minutes Ago

Lori Soucie - May


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Pavitha Ashwin Beautiful painterly effects Lori..l/f

30 Minutes Ago

Michelle Meenawong - Sun Reflection

Sun Reflection

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Johanna Hurmerinta Revisit! Such a magnificent image Michelle! LF

31 Minutes Ago

Melanie Alexandra Price - Amsterdam Streets

Amsterdam Streets

Angeles M Pomata This photo is brilliant, Melanie. Masterful POV for a perfect characterization of the city. L/F

32 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Pink Chrysanthemum

Pink Chrysanthemum

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Pavitha Ashwin It's a gorgeous capture Johanna!! L /F

33 Minutes Ago

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