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Brandon Floyd

4 Years Ago

3 New Paintings- Gallery Fate

So I finished about 2-3 new paintings and I'm very excited about putting them up but I think I'm gonna wait until I can take better photos. What do you think? Should I put them up now and then just retake them in a few weeks or should I just wait the few weeks and not show them at all until then?

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

always upload your best quality. everyone can wait.

---Mike Savad


Loretta Luglio

4 Years Ago

I would wait Brandon. Always put your best effort out there. Besides, you don't want to put up something that is not suitable for print.


Rich Franco

4 Years Ago


Most of your uploaded images would not be printed by FAA, since they almost all show borders, backgrounds, some crooked, some with shadows,etc. I would try and get better images of all of them and re-upload the new images, if you want sales.

There are many tutorials on here, how best to copy your artwork, here's mine:

and you can visit my site here and under "Photoshop-Not for Sale", see examples of how to make the stuffyou need to create a good and cheap copy set-up,



Brandon Floyd

4 Years Ago

Rich thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I've recently posted in another topic that I will be retaking photos of all my paintings in a few weeks and re-posting them so don't worry, I promise you I'm gonna get better quality art put up.


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